Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tomorrow is another day

Appiah. Still no word. He played in a 4-4 reserve game yesterday (and played well according to reports) and was today meant to be meeting with Harry to receive the decision on whether we plan on offering him a contract. Either we still haven't made up our mind, or we have but we are not too keen on the money he wants paid for his services. Maybe by the weekend.

Talking of defensive midfielders...

Veloso is a player we were linked with in the summer and has been linked to both Utd and Arsenal, with a hefty £20M price tag for his signature. As you've probably been following, Bolton are interested. £12M is being quoted.

I asked a couple of fanatical Portuguese football fans about the player. They both gave me this look of......well actually, it was more of a shrug than a look. A shrug that simply said, 'Veloso? Meh'.

The problem with this guy (according to them) is he thinks he's the bollocks. Has a massive Beckham complex and simply isn't half as good as he thinks he is, and if he applied himself to football with 100% commitment he'd fulfil his potential. It was almost like they didn't rate him that much because of his attitude and arrogance and cited other players at Lisbon who are better. It would appear he frustrates supporters. But that's not to say he lacks quality. He has it in abundance. But quality alone isn't always enough.

I think if he joins Bolton he will probably stand out in a big way regardless (no disrespect to his team mates) and thus do no harm to his shop window value.

At Spurs, he would be one of those superfluous type of players we like collecting. Don't think he is right for us (one or two of our fans are asking why we are not interested) and the fact its Bolton and now Newcastle courting him, suggests that others are aware he has a lot to prove to warrant a big move to a big big club. If he comes to England, he'll probably end up in Spain or Italy a year or two from now. Does appear the player himself wants to stay in Lisbon, so maybe this is nothing more than an agent exercise to bag a new contract.

Elsewhere, SSN will be running an interview tomorrow with the legend that is Damien Comolli. Apparently he admits he didn't leave Spurs in a sorry state. This I got to see.

Robbie Keane. We've inquired about him. So basically we go from chasing a 'perfect foil type player' like Jones at Sunderland (tall and good in the air) for Defoe and then taking an alleged glance at Santa Cruz, to then asking Liverpool if Keane is available. Short Robbie Keane.

Pav, Defoe, Keane, Bent.

Hmm. For the sake of sakeness, let's pretend we get rid of Darren Bent.....who's our first choice partnership? Pav will play upfront which means Defoe and Keane will take turns. Can you see either of them being happy with that? I still refuse to accept suggestions that JD and RK can play up front together. Where is the logic in this signing? We need another striker but surely he has to compliment what we have already. So maybe Harry does intend to mix it up when it comes to who partners Pav.

I will also go mental (i.e. boycott the Spurs shop and protest nude in the South Stand) if Spurs consider giving Liverpool anyone in exchange. Keane mugged himself off leaving us to go up there. Rafa doesn't know how to use him effectively. IMO, the Anfield club should accept they f*cked up and see it as a very expensive and unsuccessful experimental loan. But I can't quite work out - selection headaches aside - if taking him back is the right thing to do. Lennon MUST STAY at Spurs.

Maybe while we are at it we can re-sign Ghaly.


Anonymous said...

I'd have Veloso over Zokora regardless of his apparent faults. Zokora cant score or pass. Veloso can.

Anonymous said...

Lennon for Keane? I'll be there protesting with you mate. Fully clothed though. Nobody needs to see my hairy arse.

King of N17 said...

I'd take back Keane but Spurs, Levy, Redknapp would be disgrace if they tend to the wounds of liverpool by giving them Aaron. If Rafa is suggesting this we need to be telling them to fuck right off.

Tex said...

Rest easy.

From the Indie:

Tottenham Hotspur have resigned themselves to not bringing Robbie Keane back to the club this month. They were told yesterday that Liverpool want their £20.3m fee back in full if they were to let the striker go back to White Hart Lane and Spurs are not prepared to pay.

A number of different options had been previously discussed between the clubs, including deals involving Aaron Lennon and Jermaine Jenas and the cancellation of the outstanding £11m balance payable to Spurs on Keane's transfer. However, the Spurs chairman Daniel Levy was told yesterday by Liverpool that they want a straight money offer or there will be no deal.

Anonymous said...

Veloso would do well in the Pirlo role now that we have WP as our Gattuso and Modric as our Kaka.

We need a holding, ball playing DM.

Anonymous said...

Spooky, he'll be just fine with us if we did sign him. I agree with 00:14. The quality he would bring would practically complete our midfield.

spooky said...

Fair comments. I still need to be sold on the idea. But let's face it, this deal won't be happening.

Appiah on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

At least our manager knows what he's doing:
I despair. I truly despair.

Hairy Barrell said... need really to lay into ITK from whatever site. it is posted in good faith...take it or leave for some of the school boy comments on here slagging people off....totally twonks.

In fact you should stick to running your own site and once you are outted by SC, SO or one like a spoilt schoolboy turning into some snitchy little grass.

Oh and yes, my name is Hairy Barrell from FTL.

The Machine said...

And there's no need for threats and spastic reactions. Spooky has and always has been tongune-in-cheek.

Ben gets a special mention in that one. Its A FUCKING LARK YOU MISERABLE BASTARDS.

Anonymous said...

That was brilliant.