Thursday, 29 January 2009

Spurs transfer dealings according to 'club insiders'

As a direct follow-up to my previous blog entry, I'd thought I share some perfect examples of message board In The Know information. As I referred to it earlier, the cryptic style is an art form I'm sure you will appreciate.

If you are interested, for further updates, visit the originating source for the complied and up to date list of current ITK information at (put together by Stoff who collates the info from various sources).

Alternatively you can browse to Glory Glory which tends to have random ITK info copy and pasted from the more exclusive Spurs forums as well as Stoffs complied lists.

Both of these forums are open communities and are not exclusive (which I think FTL and COYS are).

I've left the info below in it's original state.


[Update 70] Dragon1 on Lennon and Keane
Posted: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 12:11:33 GMT
who dragon1
date 29/01/09
time 10:52
site COYS

scousers wanted lennon for keano, we told em to do one

he is one of the few harry actually rates!


[Update 69] jurgenthengerman on ?
Posted: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 10:29:59 GMT
who jurgenthegerman
date 28/01/09
time 17:56
site COYS

Levy is negociating three situations that involve additions one is a match (that involves a player going the other way ) two are straight additions subject to change !!!! Of these three two have a reasonable chance
Don t shoot


The road to redemption is very long with Harry


[Update 68] Ben on Appiah
Posted: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:18:37 GMT
who BEN
date 29/01/09
time 09:13




[Update 67] Arigold on Keane, N'Zogbia and Hunt
Posted: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:17:23 GMT
who arigold
date 29/01/09
time 09:12
site SO

Big interest in Keane and either N'Zogbia or Hunt will sign, hopefully before Saturday. Hunt is waiting to see if we'll match two bids already in, but (surprise surprise) Reading are getting sick of dealing with us dithering.

Keane, as I've said for 6 weeks repeatedly, wants to come back. Liverpool are looking at other targets as well.


[Update 66] Smudgemeister on Keane, Santa, WP and Appiah
Posted: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:16:13 GMT
who Smudgemeister
date 29/01/09
time 09:11
site FTL

Keane was never a target.

Harry looked at Santa Cruz but Rovers want too much (City in so Rovers want a bidding war and we aint going there)

Not terribly impressed with Appiah and not required now WP is on board


Anonymous said...



That's gold.

Anonymous said...

Creative writing at its very best. Harry is interested in Keane? Really? Did the cleaner with her ears to the boardroom tell you that?

These people who pass on info are just attention seekers. One in ten probably do know someone at the club, but someone nowhere near the top who isn't really sure what is going on behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Another gem:

[Update 71] BEN with an "update from session"
who: BEN
date: 29/01
time: 13:37
site: FTL

still wating to hear on appiah but he will know now

lennon is fine and will be fine for sat

all traning well including jenas there fine

palacios traning very well my man said quite small but very good he looked

!!! Yeah right we've all seen him on telly mate.

spooky said...

I'd have no problem with this if someone posted it with a touch of normality, like so:

I'm at the training ground, outside. I can see the players training. Lennon is out there and so is Palacios, both running so obviously they have no injury concerns.

Can't see Appiah anywhere.

Andy yid said...

im sure most of these ITK's are full of shit but you shouldn't doubt the existence of real ITK's! I assure you my contacts at the club are of the very highest order, but I can't come out with hourly updates because I'm not with them all the time, and if I were to ask for such updates they would probably realise why.

Although the last bit of interesting news I was told that hasn't made it to press was that of Edgar Davids' return as a coach but for whatever reason this didn't/hasn't happen(ed yet).

spooky said...

There is no doubting that there are some people who know people involved at the club. That is a given. Whether the contact would share sensitive information or not and whether the person who gets told decides to share it on a forum is altogether a different thing.

The issue I've always had is how its delivered. I know the internet is full of egos and mostly persona-driven (blush)and people like to tart up something to make it more than it is.

Most of these ITK's like to deliver something like its from the horses mouth when in reality someone has probably passed on some info which is neither here or there, from inside the club, and is too wishy-washy......but yet gets posted like its rocking horse shit.

Once or twice in the past, people have said things and BANG its happened. But usually these people are protecting their source and don't reveal anything until its the transfer is done and dusted but yet to be made public.

Anyone who actually cared for the club wouldnt tell a mate something amazingly important.

The best ITK and the only ITK that matters is what we get to find out AFTER something happens.

i.e. Levy sacking Jol, Ramosgate, botched up transfers etc

People are more inclined to let the cat out of the bag at this point rather than sooner.

Anonymous said...

I am an "In The Know" as you like to put it.

I can categorically state that William Palace will be joining Tottenham and so will Carlos Goodinchina will also be signing.

I am waiting for Henry Redstamp to ring me about Stanley Kidney-Pie-Ah.

pedant said...

what do you make of this, spooky?

statistical analysis of how the team fares with zokora, huddlestone, or jenas out of the lineup. unsurprisingly, zokora is crap.

spooky said...

The fact Zokora doesn't score, can't score will always have him statistical worse off than the likes of Jenas and Huddlestone.

Zokora, with all the energy, athleticism just hasn't got the first touch or brain to be a proper big time player for us. He rejected Arsenal for us apparently. I doubt even Wenger could have made good with him.

MEHSTG said...

"Carlos Goodinchina Stanley Kidney-Pie-Ah"


ever said...

would be nice if you left a note to inform your readers where you have directly copied these posts from

Stoof said...

Funny, this information and the format seems all so familiar. Can't think where I've seen (for "seen" read "spent hours organising") it before?

Certainly wasn't Glory Glory.

ben said...


Anonymous said...

you've not posted update 71 or 72 yet

spooky said...

I've add the Spurs Comm link to the original post. I did state that the ITK info was copy and pasted across from Glory Glory and the individual bits of info are from various Spurs forums anyhow.

Didn't mean to offend the originator. Maybe the GG boys should pay you more credit in future, so I don't miss giving credit where its due.

Anonymous said...

Why link to them if you don't like them?

spooky said...

I think you're missing the point buddy.

whb said...

They might be in the know, but they're not in the know about how to eff-ing spell.

West Stand Bagel said...

Still no word on Appiah. My thought process on this is that its good news and they are busy interviewing him and taking photos.

filthy said...

Back in the day it was a case of hearing this type of info from someone in the pub or playground or in the terraces.

The Internet. The bane of society.

Anonymous said...

Info is just passed on for free with the aid of the information superhighway. Free doesn't mean it will be of quality. And deep down Spooky loves this shit even if he won't admit it.

spooky said...

"information superhighway"

Are you Trevor McDonald?

Anonymous said...

Zokora, has a good engine, good running with the ball, can't shoot for toffee, why doesn't someone tell him to keep running towards goal and not look up

Anonymous said...

He;ll do that one day and run the ball across the line and through the back of the net. It'll be the best goal anyone will ever see.

Mark my words.

BOF said...

Perhaps it would be better if you just wrote "I have nothing original to post - please read another website!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah BOF but some of the more "elitest" forums are members only and kick you out if they don't believe every word their beloved ITKs spout.

This is as good a summary as anywhere else so why knock it!??

BB_lG said...

First of all, do not judge Spurscommunity on the quality of the ITK, it is their page of reports from other ITK from other sites such as FTL and COYS.

Second of all, anyone can sign up to Spurscommunity, and should, because it is by far the best Spurs site out there.

Lastly, ITK's is meant to be taken with a pinch of salt, but the reason certain ITK is treated with respect is because there is a proven track record, even if the ITK does seem to lack maturity. Ben, Dragon1, Archibald, and others, have provided very good ITK in the past and while their word is not gospel, it is not to be sniffed at.

Have a bit more respect guys, otherwise those who are geniune ITK might cease to report anything altogether and that will be a negative outcome for all.

Harry Hotspur said...

"BOF said...
Perhaps it would be better if you just wrote "I have nothing original to post - please read another website!"


Hey BOF, Perhaps it would be better if you just wrote, 'I am tedious pedant, who can only be relied upon to make snidey (unrealated to football) comments on blogs where no repucussions like loss of access privledges can befall me.'

spooky said...

Quoting from other sources and making comments on it.....what exactly is wrong with that? It's commentary, that's it. Not meant to be anything more.

And some of the forums I appear to slate are forums that I have used in the past (ok, got the elitist thing mixed up with another gaff).

Anyways, I agree, pinch of salt. However some people take it a bit too far, so my commentary wasn't aimed at one particular place or person, but more of an overall 'chill the fuck out' to everyone. Including the ones who 'rant' about how bad some of the ITK chaps are.


spooky said...

Also updated the original article copy.

Anonymous said...

Spooky, from a thread (deleted now) on COYS. I thought you might be interested. Not exact quotes but its the general overview feeling towards you:

'who does that arsehole think he is'

'he shouldn't be allowed to post ITK information on a single site'

'We can find out who he is on whois'


You're a marked man dude.

spooky said...

Jesus wept.

SNOWYID said...

lol be scared spooky they can find ya from a whois, lol what a load of bollox that only works on very few ip addys but for most IP's all it brings up is your isp provider

Oracle said...

What a bunch of morons.

SNOWYID said...

lol how stupid trying to threaten someone with a whois lmao, just goes to show how stupid these people realy are

Anonymous said...

Dont post ITK info again or else

SNOWYID said...

just goes to show how pathetic these people really are dont it, they dont even post under a name so we can see what moron is threatening you lol

SNOWYID said...

oh and what i think you will find he was doing is showing how much bullshit most supposed ITK's come out with as that is what most of the idiots post, so if ya cant handle that fact do one son

spooky said...

I don't get the hate tbh. Its fascinating how tribal Spurs message boards are with their own cliques and in-jokes and opinions.

I posted (without displaying the information as my own) ITK info from one forum (GG), which was copy and pasted from another (SC). I was untidy with my commentary about where the info originated from and have since corrected this.

The people who got abusive in the deleted thread in SC have only served to mug themselves off. If I want to post my opinion on something I'll fucking well do it, much like anyone would. That includes, shock horror, disagreeing or laughing at something or someone if I feel its appropriate. I think all this has proved my point that certain people (usually the followers who worship ITK folk rather than the ITK people themselves) are taking life way too seriously.

You absolute sheeping melting pots of embarrassment.

I've not posted the info like its my own and I haven't done anything that hasn't been done already on other message boards. Visit People on there are far more direct with their opinions on some of the ITK people. Are you planning on a forum invasion as retaliation for their constant abusive comments?

Nobody would be able to comment on anything if the originating info isn't allowed to leave the boundaries of the site it was posted on.

Thats the beauty of the internet. Everyone has an opinion. If you don't like mine, I wont be losing any sleep over it.

The Machine said...

Well said. Just dont bother posting their gibberish in future. Best left alone.

SNOWYID said...

the laugh of the matter is the person who posted about the warning and the whois attack (lol) has left themselves and there site open to investigation from the police anyway if ya have the ip logged because thats a direct threat to hack and that just so happens to be against the law lol

Shelf Side Warrior said...

A threat to attack someone based on posting and commenting about ITK information? This is the most pathetic thing I've ever read. They sound like fucking children.

Anonymous said...

I was stood behind a couple of admirable Yids in the bottom of the West Stand (the only tickets I could get) at the Arse game last season and all they kept going on about was the fact that Dawson was hung like a horse (Shire as opposed to Shetland, although personally I would happy with one the size of a Shetland's as they are not inconsiderable). Anyway these morons were declaring this knowledge as if it was due to their connections at the club, so I was wondering if there was any Insider Knowledge on who has got the biggest cock in the squad. Any takers (no pun intended)?

SNOWYID said...

my granny knows someone in the changing rooms and they recon its zokora (does this count as ITK lol)

Anonymous said...

The moron anon that posted the threat, I'm sure the club itsself are thinking exactly the same about the morons that post things on a public MB, its funny reading some stuff that you know is not true, thing is if you counter stuff you get vilified for it.

hiya Spooky...its Shelly, first time I have posted on here....and probably the last hahaha.

SNOWYID said...

awwwwww shelly ya cant stop there and welcome

Anonymous said...

Fuckin ITK`s up there own arses atttention seeking whores

Best one was:


Its either yes or no

No fuckin shit sherlock and thats from the gimp in the tree.

West Stand Bagel said...

FTL are not impressed Spooks. I think you need to issue an apology.

Anonymous said...

Fuck FTL and fuck COYS there all inbred muppets tell em go fuck themselves spooks

Anonymous said...


Grim down South said...

Who are these fucking fools from FTL and COYS exactly? Self important wankers.

Its the public domain you chimps. If you want something to be kept secret don't fucking post it for the world to see.

Anonymous said...

Is Spooky dead yet?

Bill_Oddie said...

Hello Mr Spooky,

I'm a Mod on SC and just wanted to explain some of the disdain shoved your way.

ITK does require a lot of dissemination. For instance the use of the word 'done', which is always wheeled out before the contract is actually signed and player announced on the Official Site. For instance, our ITK, the Goat (yes, yes, I know), called Cudicini as done because he knew that the former Chelsea man had done the medical at the Lodge and had his photos taken etc. Really very little should be able to go wrong from there. However, the announcement was then over a week later. During which time, a fair number of SCers voiced their opinion that The Goat was wrong.

Whether he was or wasn't (he wasn't) that isn't the point of ITK.

I've always considered it a misnomer as the individuals can only pass on the words/actions they have heard/seen themselves. If, for example, this were to come from, say, Clive Allen, it may be that Clive has only heard so much of the situation. Or that he has a particular interpretation of it.

There is absolutely no doubt in the world that last summer, Corluka was signed as a Spurs player but continued turning out for City due to their outrageous behaviour. Likewise, Andrei Arshavin was at Spurs Lodge and had agreed terms only for something to go wrong with Zenit. This information comes from 'ITK' and is very gratefully received by those who understand the system.

Hence, when bloggers unfamiliar with the fact that the very nature and inherent difficulties with transfers mean that ITK information is very patchy. General wisdom is that about 30-50% 'comes true'.

However, if you - or any of your readers - think that more than 5-10% of it is a wind-up then you're very much mistaken. Each site has to verify their sources and past records are noted.

Also, one thing more than any other that has caused this unsavoury attack upon yourself and your site is that you have broken the golden rule of ITK.

You talk about these ITK's being revered. Well, that's not strictly true. It looks that way, I agree, but the reality is that each Spurs site adheres to a 'play the ball not the man' rule (copyright: COYS).

What that means is that you can debate the info all you like. In fact, that's what we all go onto message boards to do.

However, don't abuse people who have received sensitive information, have put themselves out there to be shot down (especially when you know that around half of your info won't be seen to come true due to the aforementioned nature of ITK), and who may even be in danger of jeopordising future deals for the club we all support.

Anyway, sorry for the massive ramble. Just wanted to point out where you went wrong and wish you all the best from a fellow Spurs site.


Scoopage said...

Abuse, on the web scary. He's taking the piss, these jumped up Internet warriorz really need to turn the computer off and get outside, maybe go down the pub and relearn the much maligned art of proper conversation

spooky said...

Bill, the ramble is appreciated. I think quite a bit has been lost in translation from my perspective.

I guess I should have half expected the reaction I got because my forum blood is Glory in colour.

Firstly, I appreciate the complexities of sharing ITK and that for every piece of mis-information there might be something shared that is spot on. I've been knocking around long enough to know this. Even remember some instances going back to my days on the alt.sports.spurs newsgroup. And before the internet, there was the pub and the terrace. I'm not one to turn my head away from a rumour.

This blog was started up thanks to Glory Glory where I would post 'Dear Mr Levy' letters. If you read them you'll understand that the persona of Spooky is exactly that.

My style of writing and the various nudge nudge wink wink jokes and humour is probably more in tune with GG than it is with any other place and a lot of the time its practically a snapshot of whats going on in that particular forum.

I own a website ( which was set up to accommodate some people who had built up a great little community on another (general) football site (we left due to it turning into the equivalent of Zimbabwe).

Rumourwhores, its name, was a direct influence on the obsession of ITK gossip. So the who fraternity isn't lost on me.

Maybe it isnt the case for SC, but I've witnessed people being banned from other forums for daring to disagree with someone who has given info on a possible transfer.

I think the very level of differences between info (on a particular transfer for example) varies so much and is so cryptic that people who read them (and are not part of the originating community where the info was shared) are very critical. Not in a serious way, but simply dismissive.

GG also has a few people who claim to know things, and yes, they have been proven to be spot on. And others not so spot on - so I'm not saying there is no such thing as a ITK. And I'm not saying I dont enjoy reading ITK.

Also, even though I give Ben a lot of stick its only really tongue in cheek as the whole 'Ben up a tree' thing epitomises the madness and obsession and essence of the ITK business, I'm not attacking the bloke or any other person who shares the info.

And this is probably where things have been lost in translation.

I'm having a dig at the entire 'culture' of it.

I appreciate that some people take it with a pinch of salt and appreciate also that people who react negatively to it are just as bad as the people who react overly protective to it.

Maybe I was being unfair to single out the types who are guilty of the worshipping element - and there are a few.

I'm far too cynical and prefer to dissecte the whole business of 'inside info' with all its quirks and rules and characters.

My hands are up for getting the credit wrong in this article. But I've since corrected that.

As for posting it on a 'single site' - I've shared something that is on the public domain. There is no difference it being on this blog than there is with it being on lets say the Transfer Thread on - where you'll see some people do not hold back. Which makes the silly threats made against me ridiculous.

ITK is great, from a personal standpoint, when its about something that has happened or is happening (i.e. Jol is about to be sacked.....or Jol has been sacked this happened behind the scenes blah blah blah.....or the Robinho business that broke up online a week or so before it was made public.....)

In the past we've had some epic ITK stuff.....Rebrov, Diego, Kuyt, Arshavin....etc....But if you pull the info shared apart you'll see that not all of it can be right. So yes, I appreciate that the people who share the ITK info are getting there info from someone who might only have a distorted view point of whats going on.

To save everyone from not getting on, I wont be posting ITK in its original (Stoff) format. I'll quote it in parts and link to it and simply give my opinion.

Because one thing that has to be taken on the chin is if someone doesn't agree or doesn't warrant the info of actual worth. I know its shared and you're meant to take it for what it is, but that shouldn't stop people from commenting on it. Pretty much happens with anything, including this blog, where I've been called several names under the sun by Spurs fans who either dont understand what I'm banging on about or dont agree with my viewpoint.

Which is just fine by me.

Anonymous said...

LOng live spooky long live GG