Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Here's £10M and hold on, got another £5M in my back pocket

We've failed in a £10M bid for Wigan's Palacios. But from the sounds of it they are willing to part with the player if we bid a little more. Dave Whelan has told Spurs what they want. Probably £15M. Not sure he's worth anything more than £8M let alone £10M or £15M, but Spurs don't tend to pay true value for players anyhow.

I'm also far too distracted by Sky Sports News and their 'Inter will consider selling Adriano to Spurs if Jenas goes the other way' story.



pedant said...


Anonymous said...

Can they just have Jenas and keep Adriano?

Storm in a tea cup said...

£15M for Palacios.
£16M for Jones.
£16M for Downing.

Kaka to City is a bargain in comparison. Don't Spurs ever cheap?