Wednesday, 22 October 2008

What is Daniel Levy good at?

Name them. Apart from 'cutting costs' and 'negotiating sponsorship deals and advertising'.

1) Selling our best players to Top Four© clubs.

2) Raising season ticket prices.

3) Over-charging for lower category Cup games (check out the price for the Liverpool Carling Cup tie as a prime example of money-grabbing).

4) Writing denial statements and rants for the official site.

5) Undermining the coach/manager.

6) ....


Sam Park said...

6) Shining his bald head

7) Giving dagger eyes to the Park Lane mob

8) Plugging the Opus

Toxic said...

9) Playing Dopey in Snow White

enter the pitbull said...

10) seeing no hypocrisy in selling goods under the Never Red banner then months later signing a huge deal to have a red logo on our shirts;

11) wearing matching puffa jackets with his lapdog Comolli

Rebel Rebel said...

12) Placing Spookys letters through the shredder