Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Another round of musical chairs?

Quick look at the weeks tabloid pish

Mabbutt, Roberts and Ginola have all been giving their two-cents in recent days. Bilic has been linked. Others have been quietly whispering the name of Big Sam (shudder). Klinsmann (not setting the world alight at Munich, for the second time) is the other potential target, if....if Ramos was to go. And then there's the stories (mostly forum based) that Ramos is trying to get himself sacked to return to Spain with plenty of change in his pocket.

Amongst all the usual tripe, the highbrow Guardian dedicated a whole page of Spurs jokes (mostly made up of one that are regurgitated each year for whatever unexpected club finds itself in trouble) and opposing fans continue to point and laugh. I'd suggest someone at the club prints off that page from the Guardian and posts it on the dressing room wall on match-days. Knowing our lot, in the midst of Bentley star-jumping and Zokora listening to hip-hop, they'll probably all laugh at the jokes.


Dauncey said...

Ginola, Mabbs have their hearts in the right place but taking either of the two on would be a disaster and I think they know that the job would never be offered.

We have now tried everything with manager appointments and reckon we should buck the trend and take on someone like Big Sam who would get the fundamentals sorted from the off. Newcastle made a grave mistake sacking him.

the machine said...

Klinsmann would be a mistake. Bilic, not certain although maybe with the Croat connection and his temper there might be something there to ignite some passion.

Big Sam. Hmmm. If he mixed it up with some stylish play I'd consider him as an option but considering we have lost our spark and can't see how he would bring that back. He'd bring us points and consistency but if he starts off the same way he did at Newcastle then considering our fragile souls it could go from bad to worse.

Keep Ramos for the next 2 games. All goes well it goes well. If it doesn't I give up.