Thursday, 16 October 2008

Now Bentley is at it

Interviewed by the highbrow ZOO magazine (you can read the extract on Sky Sports) David Bentley has been stating the bloody obvious. It's another slice of sound-bite heaven.

"Throughout this hard start to Tottenham's season, it's the fans who have suffered most"

Insightful. Is it the constant booing and depression at WHL? Or maybe the humiliation of two points and bottom of the table? While most fans struggle to get together the £700 or so to buy a season ticket, you earn £30K+ for hitting the first man with every corner. It's the type of irony that gently crawls up your back and then bites you in the neck, sucking the very life out of you.

"They are the ones who pay good money, they are the ones who have the right to be frustrated and they are the ones we are trying to make proud"

Not trying hard enough. Stop trying to appease us with awareness of perspective. We know we have the right, but I see no proud-making attempts on the pitch. Just chaos.

"A lot of people have an opinion on us at the moment, but it's the fans who really matter"

Again with a shout-out to the fans. Yeah, we are the ones that matter. Thanks for pointing that out, but how about changing peoples opinion by producing the good on the pitch? At least then I can be spared reading yet another Spurs players 'We know we've been shit, we're gonna try our bestest, its gonna be alright' interview.

"Our next league game is at Stoke and playing away might feel a little easier for some of our team right now. At home, you feel the tension on the pitch and there are those who might prefer away games, where there's less expectation"

Honestly, what kind of sodding excuse is this? Is David placing the blame on fan-pressure? A few times this season we have attempted to get the boys going with one or two emotional sing-a-longs, to no avail. A team that believes its better than it is (and if you listen to King, Woodgate, Dawson and Bent you'd think we were almost potential world-beaters) shouldn't be choking or freezing on their home patch. And as for 'less expectation' away, this is probably the reason why our away record over the years has been so pathetic. Where is the confidence? Ok, sure, it's not sitting amongst us at the minute, but to suggest that Spurs have less expectation in away games is quite possibly the most backwards thing I've heard in recent weeks. I know what David is trying to say, but regardless, it's stupid.

"There will always be stick from the fans, but if you're not performing, what do you expect? Does it affect some of the lads? You'll have to ask them"

So in other words, yes it does affect them. What a bunch of pussies.

"From one win, we can rebuild our season. It hasn't happened for some reason but we have faith in our ability - we have to - and believe we'll get out of trouble. It's about attitude and when we get out of this dip, we will be stronger for it."

I'm wondering what the likes of Ramos, Poyet, Bent, King and Bentley churn out if we lose to Stoke on Sunday? Because they are fast running out of soundbites. One win will probably kick-start the season, but that win has to come on Sunday and if it fails to come in the next 3-4 games, then go into hiding for a couple of seasons.


grim down south said...

Bentley has been at Spurs for 5 seconds. I don't mind the management team or King soundbiting their way through the press but an ex- Arsenal player who has failed to do a single thing right in the Prem talking about the fans doesnt cut it. Much like his set pieces and his work rate.

Jep said...

Bentley is shit. Add him to the current list of complete wastes of space.


How much money have we wasted?

Exactly. A fucking fortune.

Shelf Side Warrior said...

Harsh to say Modric is a waste of money. Same with Pav. Can we really afford to be so critical after a handful of games? The problems the team has is working as a unit. Functioning as one working unit has been nonexistent. Modric stuck in the middle of a terrible midfield trying to find players with clever passes only to see that the players in question are not clever to run into space to recieve the pass....well you see where I'm going with this.

Bent shows no signs of improvement. As a main striker he just dosen't work. And as for Pav, he was never 100%, and although he will come good (I believe this) I dont think he was the best signing we could have made.

Bentley has been shit shit shit. Very disappointed with him and shocking to think the money spent to bring him here. Glamour signing of the summer. No point to it.