Wednesday, 15 October 2008


All is forgiven.


west stand bagel said...

LOL! Are we that desperate?

We are, aren't we? He looked busy in the reserves last week. Industrious which is more than we can say for our first team calamities.

Diaz said...


Already missing BMJ's heart on his sleeve love of the Spurs and now I miss Ghaly.

Cheers Spooky.

plucky said...

Tried way too hard at times, but the boy had something, as well as his temper he had some skill just needed guidance. although questionable attitude as experienced by his 5 seconds at Birmingham. Desperate isn't the word. It's too soft for such forgiveness.

oops said...

Screw Ghaly. Its time for Taarabt.

Matt said...

Is he still at the club? I should follow the reserve line-ups more often. I thought he was back in Egypt.