Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Ledley King

Doesn't play much, innit? If he plays on Thursday in the UEFA Cup and is rested on Sunday, then Ramos is still dizzy from counting the money we've given him, which explains his inept team selection and tactics.

For clarity:

Priority - Premiership survival
Everything else - Irrelevant


The Truthness said...

Thing is Spooky, with Corluka out Ramos might have no choice but to play King, and by virtue of his injury issues he'll miss Sundays game.

Adrian H said...

He'll play on Thursday thats nailed on. And he might play through the pain barrier on Sunday which would be a mistake.

oracle said...

Will not make a difference if he play or not. Tottenham problem is we are 11 players, not a team. 11 players struggling to play as a unit.

No cover in defence now with Bale/Dawson out on suspensions (domestically). No cover upfront if someone gets injured.

Brilliant preparations for the big games coming up.

Dude said...

Sums us up. Faith in a player who just doesn't cut the mustard anymore.