Sunday, 28 September 2008


Last week, Alan Smith, the ex-Arsenal striker and current Sky Sports commentator - was at Waterstones in London signing books. Or at least that was the intention. For a good ten minutes, he sat there on his own looking glum and staring at the walls and shelves - with a pile of his unsold books at his side.

Seems the modern day gooners memory only stretches back 10 years. No matter what you say about George Graham's boring side, they still won the title twice. At least with Alan, he had some class about him as a player - on and off the pitch. Unlike some of the recent Arsenal players, who are more front and ego.


zak said...

Alan Smith simply isn't sexy enough for the nubreed of football fans. I reckon one or two old skoolers would have turned up for that. Although as a Arsenal fan myself I had no idea Smithy had a book out. If it was Henry, the whole world would know.

Danny likes Blanchflower said...

I cant wait for Zokora's biography signing session.