Saturday, 27 September 2008

Liverpool @ home

Another exhibition match on the cards for the Wenger Babes, thanks to the traditional warm ball, with Wigan next in line to experience stage fright in this season Carling Cup. Whilst over at WHL, Spurs get knocked out by a Robbie Keane brace.

Hail the Carling Cup.


Anonymous said...

Luckily it's still early stages of the competition and the top teams field their weaker teams

DC Yid said...

Have we played well so far this season? I'd like to see us get past Liverpool if only because I can't see us getting past the Poles in the UEFA Cup. Then again maybe no cup games will mean concentrating on reaching mid-table.

Whatever happened to the Jol factor?

White Ghost said...

Its sitting pretty, top of the Bundesliga.