Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Shock, horror

Yes I know, I hardly ever post a blog nowadays. Mainly due to rediscovering ketamine. I'm therefore light years behind on the recent In The Know gossip from the various Spurs message boards, but if they're anything like the diseased grapevine the tabloids are using then better spent time away then reading their Jackanory tales. I'm far too busy scratching my eyeballs out anyway.

Special mention goes out to everyone's favourite Bulgarian, DB. Apparently a no-show at the unveiling of the new Spurs kit on Tuesday. I'm sure Modric is happy enough to be the new darling of the Lane. Berbatov, Milan bound apparently now that AC are back in contention for a Champions League spot. And good luck to him. He's been leaving Spurs for about seven months now. A great player made greater by the fact that we haven't had a great player for a fucking age.

As for the other gossip. Eto'o (do me a favour), Diarra (lazy journalists), Anton (LOL).

Best laugh of the past several weeks has to go to Kaboul's outburst. Mate, get hold of a DVD of any one of your performances and you'll see what we see. Shit wrapped up in white toilet paper. You don't get selected because you're are shit. Think Titus Bramble. Think Titus Bramble, amputated legs and no sodding wheelchair.

Final game of the season on Sunday. Ooh I can't wait............cough.

This blog will pick up again once Tottenham pick up. So see you in 2011.


SOLAAR said...

Always a blast.

SOLAAR said...

Another thing; Where will this season's burning-o-season-tickets take place?

iceman said...
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Paxton Yid said...

I wont sleep easy until Comolli is out.

Anonymous said...

Its time to write a letter to Levy.Your last few blogs have been just too short.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the new kit unveiling (not a bad effort from Puma. Natty socks) I presume this means that Jenas is staying. Fucknuts.