Thursday, 1 May 2008

Season Ticket prices, 2009 (allegedly)

East Lower Block 26 now £865 from £799 + 8.26%

West Upper Now £1150 from £1050 + 9.52%

South Lower Block 32 Now £635 was £579 + 9.67%

South Upper Block 40 Now £750 was 679 + 10.46%

Freeze on season tickets? Like fuck. Expect to pay about £675 if you stand in Block 34 next to me. Prices appeared on the online booking site earlier today even though they are not meant to be announced for a while yet.


azaris said...

That's the price of getting rid of the wage cap. Let's hope Modric et al are worth it.

paxton yid said...

Next week, the credit crunch takes a bite out of my wallet.