Monday, 4 February 2008

Bale out for the season

Now the signing of 'old man' Gilberto makes sense. Please no more Chimbonda covering the left-back position. Yes, he looks stable there when called upon, but at times his indecisiveness is far too heart-in-the-mouth-of-Autoba.

Good luck with the recovery Gareth. Looks like the Hutton-King-Woodgate-Bale back four will have to wait a little longer.

One man down, one still MIA.


oops said...

King is out and going parttime from the looks of it.

west stand bagel said...

His knee swells up after every game. Christ knows how frustrating that is but it sounds like this injury will never go away. Part-time King is better than no King but it means Spurs have to go out and buy another centre-back in the summer. I do not want to entertain the possibility of him having to retire but its still a possibility.

Dazza said...

Bale is only 18. as long as Spurs take their time with his injury (which I'm certain they will) he'll be fine. King is altogether a different kettle of fish. Kettle has a big hole in it.

Zero said...

You will never see that back 4 play together.


spooky said...

Let me dream, ffs.