Thursday, 17 January 2008


The rumour is simply this. By Friday, Spurs will sign two 'world class' players (scoff) which will cause a stir as wonderful as the one caused when Ossie and Ricky signed, or Klinsmann.

The two players have not been mentioned in the press. The 'ITK' providing the info apparently was the same one who told everyone that Bent was signing, including the date and price long before it was announced (at the time everyone was saying he would go to West Ham).

So, get ready to embrace the disappointment when nothing happens.


paxton yid said...

Cannon and Ball to sign!

west stand bagel said...

I've heard nothing of the sort. Forum antics like this do nothing but waste hours of work time.

silky skills said...

You mean Cannon and Ball are not signing?


azaris said...

I wonder what world class player we could attract when we're not willing to pay enough to lure an out-of-favour Brazilian from a club playing in the sub-standard Ligue 1 nor a young Dutchman from a gradually failing club currently out of Europe and muddling along in the murky depths of the Eeredivisie?

Must be someone who really hates money and the Champions League.

shelf side warrior said...

We are kidding ourselves if we think we could pull off another deal of the century. And since when have these type of signings actually turned us into the type of club we want to be heading towards.

We need non-sexy type of players. Experienced and talented, but they don't have to be brand names.