Thursday, 17 January 2008

"Right", said Fred, "I'm staying at Lyon"

So Fred rejects a move, probably due to the fact we won't pay 70k per week. Who are we kidding? Why would anyone want to join a club with no Champions League and a wage cap? Harsh reality. But then we don't want to go down the route of some clubs who pay ridiculous amounts in wages. Thinking about, we pay ridiculous amounts in transfer fees. Not quite on the ball are you Daniel me old son? Talking of which (quote from the start of the month):

"Juande, Damien and I have reviewed the squad and Juande feels that we are not looking at any major changes. We are all clear that the January window is the worst time to buy quality players so we shall not be doing any business that is not essential.

"Once again for the record, we are not a selling club, rather we are building for the future. When we have players on long contracts we have no need to entertain offers."

Yes, thats why we bid £8M for Hutton (he didn't want to leave his beloved Rangers)

We agreed a fee with Lyon for Fred (he wanted silly money to join)

We want Downing, Downing knows we want him, but Spurs are not willing to pay Boro the fee they think the player commands. Quite shocked here considering how much was forked out for Darren Bent. Maybe Daniel's ball control has improved a tad.

Almost (potentially) £25M for three players had the transfers occured. Read the Levy quote again. Now stitch up your sides up.

Maybe Spurs will focus on signing players who can play in the positions we need to improve on.

Stitch 'em up again.


azaris said...

Can we just swap Bent for Downing? Both their valuations consist mainly of hot air so it'd be a fair deal. I think we can also forgive Boro trying to recoup some cash from us given they paid £6m for Mi-don't-know-when-he's-gonna-

booster said...

Spurs wont sign anyone until the final 3-5 days of the window. Panic buys? Us? Never!

oracle said...

Going admit it. You're a little excited with what may happen in the next couple of weeks.

shelf side warrior said...

He may still leave Lyon. Boro or Spurs the only interested parties.

Wilson said...

So much for 'signing two major players by Friday'.