Thursday, 30 August 2007

Offline for a while

Wont be online till around the second week of September. Going 'dark'. Blackops.

Will leave you with the news that Lennon, Dawson and Kaboul are in contention for Saturdays game - which is good news considering the NLD is not that far off.


The Machine said...

Hasta la vista.

azaris said...

Spooky is out, so I'll have to lambast Levy and Comolli in his behalf.

Another transfer window closes, and we still have no experienced left winger. Nor a midfield playmaker. Nor additional reinforcements in the defense.

It's pretty clear Comolli and co have shut out BMJ and told him this is the squad he'll have to work with to get 4th or else. I wouldn't expect any arrivals in January either. Who knows, maybe it's a blessing in disguise?

At least Mr.Joanna Taylor is off the payroll.