Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Jenas signs 5 year improved contract

The nightmare wont end.

From the official site:


We are delighted to announce that Jermaine Jenas has signed an improved five-year deal with the Club that will see him at the Lane until 2012.

Signed from Newcastle United in August 2005 and already capped 17 times by England, ‘JJ’ enjoyed a fine campaign last season when he contributed eight goals from midfield despite injury ruling him out for two months.

He’s already up and running in 2007-08 with a goal against Derby County.

Still only 24, Jermaine said: “This Club has the calibre of squad that any player would want to be part of.

“The spirit in the squad is terrific, the Club is ambitious and undoubtedly moving forward.

“I feel I still have a lot of potential to develop further and playing alongside team-mates of this quality will help me do that.

“I am very happy here and would love to stay at Tottenham for the rest of my career.”

Manager Martin Jol added: "JJ has made a big contribution over the last two seasons and he is improving as a player all the time. His goals from midfield are a vital ingredient for us and he is already off the mark this season.

"I am delighted he has committed his future to the Club because JJ has so much talent and is such a positive player. He always wants to learn and that is the right mentality to have, he wants to prove that he is a top player and the sky is the limit for him."

How long is JJ going to remain in a state of flux between lacking in self-confidence and being a player with the type of impact Gerrard has? Potential this, potential that. It's not enough to suggest he will be a world beater. He has to prove he IS a world beater with consistent displays and not the odd last minute winner here and there. Too often he is lightweight and inept. Yes - he can sometimes play a blinder - but you would laugh at yourself when attempting to compare him to Lampard (granted Frank doesn't do much either, other than score 20 goals a season) and Gerrard.

Also - anyone else think that Jenas is reading from a cue card written by Donna Cullen?

Terrific. Ambitious. Potential. Quality.

Nice upbeat words there Donna.


shelf side warrior said...

He wont get into any of the top 4 clubs so signing a 5 year contract is the way to go for his own personal gain. Not sure what it says about us. Signing a player that isn't good enough for the top 4 clubs. Hhmmm.

Zero said...


That's all.

azaris said...

If Jol ever goes then so will Jenas. If Ramos comes next summer, I can see JJ shipped out forthwith. Shame really, because for all his faults he is a team player, never moans when he is subbed or benched, doesn't have an agent who is constantly linking him to Man Utd, doesn't hide transfer requests in his kit and hand them over 5 minutes after the season is over, doesn't refuse to play, doesn't moan every time a pass fails to hit his foot, doesn't attack the manager, doesn't get fat and uninterested if he has to sit on the bench, doesn't fuck up a transfer by acting like a big-time Charlie, or do any of that other stuff some current and former Tottenham Hotspur players are known for.

His only real problem is that the press long ago decided he was a bit shite. Once you become a laughing stock in the media, it's hard to get your self-confidence back together. But his set pieces have improved, I find. Maybe Bale's given him some lessons?

oops said...

Good post Azaris.