Sunday, 15 March 2009

Villa 1 Spurs 2 - Snapshot review

A lickle match report following on from the minute-to-minute coverage of the game:

Well done to all. Great team performance. Especially the second half.

Well done to Harry for the selection and half time team talk. Thought we weathered the storm really well in the first half and taking Zokora off who struggled to handle Young was a great decision. Team looked very balanced in comparison to previous away day outings.

Modric drifting in from the left and Lennon absolutely the sex on the right wing. Wonderful unplayable ball into the box for Jenas to get his head onto. Keane is Keane. Dropping deep, pushing forward. And Bent deserves some credit today for his work ethic especially with the counter-attacks we mustered up. Guess his agent told him to put himself in the shop window, considering it was live on tv. Yes, 15 goals. But let's be honest. This game is exactly what Bent lives off. Counter-attacking football, running down the channels. Slow the game down to something a little more intelligent, and he struggles. Still, for this type of away day job, it was a job well done.

Jenas performed very well today. There, I said it out loud. Palacios not so great but forgiveable. I'm talking about his passing which was at times clumsy and sloppy. He still hasn't performed to the standard of the Arsenal home match but was fairly strong today and worked well with JJ. Modric had his moments, but was relatively quiet compared to what we know he can do. But these are not complaints. They all deserve credit.

As for the defence, BAE was superb. King and Woodgate, brick walls. The only leak came when Carew beat Woody for the Villa consolation goal late on.

Midfield improved immensely in the second half, but I guess Villa made it a little easy for us to boss it. Still need to work on our possession play and when the games pace is slowed down we sometimes struggle to adapt.

Great to see us being ultra-pro with the time wasting at the death. Nice to be in that position and work it a little to guarantee no late show heartbreak.

Fantastic three points. Villa look dicked for 4th spot now. Three points off 8th spot. Four points off 7th. Six points off the bottom three. Happy days.


Shelf Side Warrior said...

Villa were poor, but that won't take the shine away from our performance. Plenty of intent and purpose today from our lads. Well pleased with this. Never expected us to come away with anything more than a point.

Chelsea next.

Anonymous said...

Excellent display. Don't care if Villa were off colour. We dug deep and bossed it second half. Great all round performances from all areas of the pitch. And Bent did more than well today. Agree this type of game suits him.


Anonymous said...

We needed this win. Considering we have some tougher games coming up, this is a wonderful bonus. Would love, just love it if we smashed up Chelsea next week.

Anonymous said...

Spurs will pick up more points when least expected from now till the end of the season. Relegation? You lot were never in trouble of going down.

Jep said...

Villa were atrocious. 4th spot? No chance. Arsenal are having players coming back from injury. They'll walk it.

West Stand Bagel said...

Happy with that. Table looking very healthy for us at the moment. Need to get something from the Chelsea game and then the following two home games. We could be all smiles a month from now. Great turn around and well done to Harry for that.