Saturday, 14 March 2009

Spurs.....leave those kids alone!

Adel Taarabt, Gio and Gunter (again) have all gone out on loan until the end of the season. Gunter I can understand as he won't get games considering the collection of far more experienced right backs we have for selection. The other two should be wild-cards off the bench for us, but considering both hardly figured all season it's no surprise they've been shifted out of the club, for now at least.

Gio going to Ipswich (wasn't long ago he was notching up a Nou Camp hat-trick) is possibly his departure lounge moment as I'm not sure he'll be with us come the start of next season. Harry blatantly doesn't rate the kid. Which means he hasn't made an impression in the reserves or in training to warrant more time on the first team bench and more cameo appearances. Unless of course it genuinely is a case of 'the kids can't be risked in a relegation scrap'. And if that's the case, then we need to start reviewing the point in purchasing some of this supposed talented youngsters when all we're going to do is stagnate their development. Both should have been loaned out far far earlier if that's the way we wish to progress them.

Yes, yes, I know. If Spurs were sitting pretty in the table we could afford these wild-cards and their development would be their involvement in Spurs games in the Premiership rather than the lower divisions. So I guess the club don't think it's the right thing to do mentally to the young lads. Which is understandable considering how Bale has struggled this season.

I hope Gio does impress, if anything for his self-confidence (if he has any left) and as a reminder that he might just possess something worth retaining. How much did we spend on him? £4M? £4.7M? Did we mug ourselves off? Because it sure feels like we're doing just that at the moment.

Adel will have loads of fun at QPR (who do like to play it around) and it's doubtful Spurs will be letting him go anytime soon in the way of a permanent transfer. It's still ridiculous that he has gone out on loan IMO. I don't see the problem with the tactic of having him come off the bench and nutmeg a player or two. He can impact the game late on with his mazy runs. Fact is we won't know how good he really is until he starts games from the start, and as that is unlikely to happen at the minute at WHL, then I can almost understand the logic with him going on loan. As much as I don't like it.

Far too many Blondel moments (in recent years) for my liking.


Sumal said...

If Gio is really the player we think he could be then he should tear the championship a new hole. He needs games to get his fitness back and harry can have a look at him after playing a few games back to back instead of a couple of cameo roles.

Taarabt is another player who should really be have a lot of fun playing a few games back to back and doing what he does best against his unsuspecting opponents.

Both players havent been given a chance and as we have seen in harry's team selections is that he takes the premiership seriously and thinks we could go down and would rather not risk a mavrick that could make 1 mistake that screws us.

So let them get the confidence back banging in goals, nut-megging players, doing countless step overs and they will come back ready for next season.

Anonymous said...

Agree we should have kept The Rat. dos Santos is best on loan at the moment. Adel can still offer us something in our relegation scrap. Well, what's left of it.

Anonymous said...

Only place of them at the moment is a loan deal. Not sure I rate Adel as much as you do spooky.

Grim down South said...

Adel going to QPR is inspired. Don't think he will figure enough if he stays at Spurs till the end of the season. I reckon QPR will play him more often than not and he'll take the piss down in the Championship.