Friday, 20 February 2009

Spurs lose and it doesn't matter.......does it?

The UEFA Cup doesn't matter. That's what we keep telling ourselves. At least that's what I keep repeating to myself as I rock back and forth very slowly, crawled up in the corner of the room as I hear the expert analysts on Channel 5 point out that Aston Villa are doing just dandy with a smaller squad, having played far more games than us. But Villa are settled and confident. We are nothing of the sort.

I some how manage to drag myself up from the floor and slump onto the sofa, only to suffer a relapse when I'm reminded of our crazy schedule under Ramos, who managed just fine with all the fixtures through out the UEFA Cup run. As I lay on my back mumbling something in tongues, I wonder if Redknapp is simply setting expectations so low that the simplicity of Premiership survival will be heralded as a miracle.

Did I get it all wrong? Did Harry get it wrong? Playing a mish-mashed team of youngsters, reserve players and out of form first teamers? Did we show contempt to the presitage of the UEFA Cup and its history and our history? And to our club? Was I wrong to dis-credit this competition, to agree with the sacrifice?

I black out.

I hear a voice. Is it in my head? Or is it the voice of reason?

We are in a relegation scrap....
Cup football doesn't matter.....
We need to keep our best players fit for the league....
There is no detrimental effect in losing 2-0. Our reserves lost 2-0....

I then hear another voice.

What about continuity?
Why can't we play our strongest team in every game and build on our confidence?
A win would breed a winning mentality....

I black out again.

I wake up, dizzy and confused, and ask myself the question, "Was it worth it? Was it worth accepting defeat before we even took the field of play?"

I pick myself up, and remember something I once read about how its better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. There is no echo of glory this morning. Just the sound of regret as I whisper quietly for forgiveness.


spooky said...

A below average team tried their best and their best wasn't good enough. Was impressed with Dawson and Parrett who was very composed. Campbell gave it a go. Rest were average, Bentley next to useless.

First goal was a combo of poor defending and textbook Gomes. Did he call for it? Not sure. Looked like he got cluttered although you might prefer to think he stayed down due to embarrassment.

I'm beginning to wonder about all this 'too many fixtures' excuse and whether taking every game deadly serious is the only way to breed success.

Probably change my mind when I sober up and see this season for what it is. A shambles. And unfortunately in such a season, we need to prioritise the only thing that matters: the league.

Anonymous said...

Depressing performance. Agree with your assessment of Parrett just not impressed with anything more. I know its a second string line-up but if we lose to Hull how will any of this be worth it? Our first team - our STRONGEST team - has been predominately shite this season. Do they really need to be rested or is this all actually just about the Carling Cup and winning that?

Andrew said...

Parrett looked fantastic out of the bunch. Had more determination to get back into position after his shot than any of our guys have had all year, and that's saying a lot.

I actually for a second thought we might have drawn. Then they got one. Then I thought well, we can just get 2 at WHL. But that kinda has been the whole Spurs philosophy for years, you score 3, we score 4.

Before the game started, I'll admit, I was already looking to the league match. That's the kind of sentence I wish I could type with the mindset of saying "we'll easily beat this lot, who is next", instead we are in a relegation scrap, wonderful.

We've fought for UEFA games for years, and this is how it is all going to end. Unreal.

Unclerico1979 said...

Great Piece, posting when drunk is great except i can't seem to control myself on that 606 board.

came in to work this morning and "your posting has been removed" was plastered all over my inbox.

Just wanted to pick you up on one of your drunken ramblings...

"I pick myself up, and remember something I once read about how its better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. There is no echo of glory this morning. Just the sound of regret as I whisper quietly for forgiveness. "

No Glory whatsoever i agree.

Is it really better to fail aiming high when failure = relegation and relegation = possible implosion, no new ground, all the players leave? (it could be argued that a lot of our players need to leave)

I agree with this theory if the Aim was to break into the top 4 and win the Uefa & Carling Cups but not this season i'm afraid.

Lets aim high next season.

in my opinion we have already aimed high and failed this season.. now its damage limitation.

jay jaghy said...

reface is an idiot, as a club we no longer have any ambition, harry keeps telling everyone that we are in a dogfight, that we could easily b relegated. Not quite the stuff i would be inspired to hear as a player. So oou of uefa without even trying, sundays final will go along the lines of "we played triffic, but remember they are european champions" so we lose that and then maybe we finish 15th. Harry then gets a big pay off and tells everyone how great he is. The club is going backwards, harry has no vision, no belief and no clue, hiring 20 coaches to teach the team is not enough, he is the main man and he is a clueless idiot.

unclerico1979 said...

The Harry gets a big pay off comments are ridiculous.

Its a bit like saying Premiership players learn their lessons from the big fines they get imposed on them.

The money means nothing, the figures are too high already.

I don't think we are going backwards, we are re building.

Harry took over we were bottom of the league without a hope in hell. now we have some hope and i'm afraid to say i think 15th would be a result this year!

Next year, there's always next year (as long as we don't get relegated)

This time around there seriously might not be a next year. except on ITV highlights.

forget the cups, if we win the CC its a massive bonus. if we pull a rabbit out in the Uefa cup thats an even bigger one.

Can you see those woods behind those trees?

Anonymous said...

agree with last poster - why the feck do we have to accept that in order for saint harry to manage to scrape survival (despite having 30 games and zillions of pounds to do so) in the prem, means that we have to embarassingly/insultingly capitulate in Europe?? Only a blind man could argue that the team wouldnt have been stronger with sgt wilson, woody and bae - I even wonder if lennon and modders were really unfit.

Frank said...

Gomes, Dawson, Chimbo, Jenas, Hudd, Zokora, Bentley, Bent.

How many of these play for the reserves?

Truth is we went there hoping to hold out for a draw and fell at the last hurdle. Oh well, we're not out yet.

Our whole philosophy for years is "we must qualify for Europe" yet when we're there we throw it away in order to "concentrate on the league".

What's the point of that?

unclerico said...

"concentrate on the league" is REALLY important at the moment.

Europe only means anything if we are safe from the drop.

What kudos or satisfaction is there being holders of the Uefa cup but playing next season in the championship with a depleted squad?

Anonymous said...

can you harry defenders get it your effing heads that at a club like spurs with the money we've spent (he's spent) we should be able to compete with anyone, other than perhaps Manu and Barcelona. There is no rule anywhere that says we have to put out a shite team in the cups in order to scrape 17th. Under BMJ we played at least as many games in his last full season and still finished 5th.

spooky said...

It will all be worth it when we thrash Hull over the weekend.

The Machine said...

Where you going Spooks? South of France? Lake District? Spot of walking in the Brecons?

Or another stint of community service? You been throwing water balloons full of piss at our chairman again?

Anonymous said...

Spurs a have a bigger and better squad than Villa and City yet Arry talks like we're fucking Fulham or Hull