Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Dream is Over

It's a great shame Andrei Arshavin has signed for Arsenal. I was hoping for a follow-up to his special guest blog but apparently his fitness level is of far more importance and alas, he doesn't have the time to spare.

He is however still able to provide us with a little off-the-cuff entertainment. Interviewed yesterday he managed to drop this wonderful straight-faced gem:

Interviewer: "Have you spoken to Roman Pavlyuchenko about your move yet?"
Arshavin: "No."

Interviewer: "Why not?"

Arshavin: "He's not a friend of mine."

He then followed this quip with something about inviting Pav round to his hotel room now that he's living in London. Don't go Pav. Its blatantly a trap.

So, anyway, as a concluding ode to the little man, let's enjoy his finest moments as complied by DoctorSpur (over at GG.co.uk).

8th July 2008:

"My dream is Barça," Arshavin said. "But to say that isn't new. The whole world knows that I have dreamed forever about going to Barça. Messi, Arshavin, Henry? Messi is very, very good and to play with him must be a marvel, and the same goes for Henry. What more can I say? I would love it. Barça is a team that can win 7-0 or lose 4-3 because their style of football is going on the attack. As long as I remember it's been like that and all that fills me with enthusiasm. "For that reason I've followed Barça closely for a long time."


8th August 2008:

“My desire to leave is still as strong, but there is nothing more to do now other than hope for a miracle."


"I also like the way Tottenham play, so I agreed in principle to join. A short while later a representative from Spurs arrived to discuss my personal terms and contract. The discussion didn’t take long and we agreed on everything quickly."


18th November 2008:

"Playing for Bayern is a dream."


10th December 2008:

"I can confirm that officials from Zenit have begun preliminary negotiations with Real Madrid about my transfer."


3rd February 2009:

“I am happy to be [here] at Arsenal. It was my dream. “[I chose Arsenal] because I like their style and I like Arsene Wenger as a coach.”


Arshavin, finally achieving his dream at the 5th time of asking.

Thank God we only have players who genuinely want to wear the shirt. You know, like Robbie Keane. And Pascal Chimbonda. And Jermain Defoe.



Anonymous said...

This c**t needs to stop dreaming. He can dream about playing in the UEFA cup next year if he's lucky.


Oracle said...

He's a brilliant player. He's got his money (even with a pay cut, I'm sure his signing on fee was generous) and he has his big money move that's made his agent rich(er). Whether he can be arshed (sorry) or not is altogether an other thing.

I hope he is unfit for Sunday. In that interview he claims he will be in the stands, but that might be a Wengerism.

Anonymous said...

He wanted to leave Zenit. He joined the only club willing to do business with them, and it still almost didn't happen. Desperation from both sides.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable saga. Zenit are a complete travesty of a club and Latcher is a typical football agent with one thing in mind.

Glad it's over, not so glad the scum signed him but I guess it was a panic buy they couldn't do without.

Anonymous said...

Would've been another Berbatov for us I'm afraid.

In terms of his loyalty I mean.

Lets hope they get relegated from the CL and he goes on strike in order to get sold to Manu.

Anonymous said...

He would have wanted out for certain at the end of the season, or a year after that. Especially had he signed in the summer.
Good player, just not the type we need.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that this website is extremly negative and sums up a lot of spurs supporters who basically know nothing about football. People who would rather slag off our players rather than support them. Get behind Levy and the team, this site is unhelpful.

The Machine said...

You've missed the whole point of his blog, guv.

yid twat said...

I wish we had signed him rather than david 'i'm an arsenal, man utd tottehham fan' bentley, but old nodding dog' i used to go to highbury with my dad' redknapp only buys two bob ex players that could cut the mustard anywhere else, oh well,championship here we come

G Moran said...

/\ Gooner /\

Arshavin looks a bit of a prick. Well suited for Arsenal. Might even be a Henry for them and go missing in the big games much like he did against Spain in the Euros.

Massive risk for Arsenal, but Wenger always gets it right.

Hazard said...


He doesn't always get it right.

Anonymous said...

Rosicky is injured mate. And Gallas hasn't done that badly. Crying aside.

Anonymous said...

Tomáš Rosický injured? Keep on believing that.

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously wrong with anyone who wants Levy out! how can you hate a chairman who sanctions £100m this season alone and will do the same again next year just because he loves the club. He's buying us a new stadium and has frozen season ticket prices for the next 2 years. Any other club's fans could only dream of the financial backing we get from our chairman! You call yourself a Tottenham supporter but you are not. Go and join the gooners at the scumirates