Saturday, 17 January 2009


Jenas to Inter? Scoff.

Apparently his admiration for Bale and JJ dates back six months when the Daily Telegraph asked him to take part in their Fantasy Football league. He picked the both of them.

Once more, I applaud the nations tabloids, broadsheets and Sky Sports News for re-inventing old news. Does nobody confirm quotes and comments drafted up for print? Or perhaps it's the old nudge nudge wink wink, '......print this and I'll buy you a pint' favour journos do for football agents to help add weight to something that doesn't quite exist.

Jose hinted that the 'quotes' have resurfaced because someone might just be interested in one of his players. I'd prefer not to do the maths on this with regards to where the story got it's re-birth from. You know. Because of the Adriano rumours.

At least it gave us all something to write about, debating how Jenas must be more than decent if the Special One wants him in his side and that us fans are blinded by our lack of true in-game knowledge and know-how that leaves us without sight of just how vital JJ is to the midfield. Riiiiiiight.

Someone needs to follow-up and ask Jose if he's transferred JJ and Bale out of his team since July and who he's replaced them with? Might be a story in there for the red tops.


Anonymous said...

Yes, don't you just love those journalist bastards! Getting paid for writing absolute shite! Think I'll go for a journalism degree, it really can't be that hard. Though in saying that, it wouldn't be as hard as all the cock's you'd have to suck to get a job with one of the gutter press.

dexter said...

It's an art-form though isn;t it? Like the people who write those Dear Deidre letters for newspapers and magazines.

They do love their club insider statements, to help protect the fact that they made it up or have done a favour for an agent.

In this age of the Internet their life is made even easier. Copy and paste from a forum. I've seen players linked to clubs based on BS posted online. It's brain numbing.

Anonymous said...

18 Sun Home Portsmouth Barclays Premier League Pts 0 (L)

27 Tue Home Stoke City Barclays Premier League Pts 3 (W)
31 Sat Away Bolton Barclays Premier League
Pts 0 (L)

08 Sun Home Arsenal Barclays Premier League Pts 0 (L) Damn
23 Mon Away Hull City Barclays Premier League
Pts 1 (D)
01 Sun Away Sunderland Barclays Premier League Pts 3 (W)
04 Wed Home Middlesbrough Barclays Premier Pts 3 (W)
14 Sat Away Aston Villa Barclays Premier League Pts 0 (L) why bother
21 Sat Home Chelsea Barclays Premier League Pts 0 (L)
04 Sat Away Blackburn Barclays Premier League 1 (D)
11 Sat Home West Ham Barclays Premier League 3 (W)
18 Sat Home Newcastle Utd Barclays Premier League 0 (L)
25 Sat Away Man Utd Barclays Premier League Zero (L)
02 Sat Home West Brom Barclays Premier League 3 (W)
09 Sat Away Everton Barclays Premier League 0 (L)
16 Sat Home Man City Barclays Premier League 0 (L) KaKa 8'
24 Sun Away Liverpool Barclays Premier League 0 (L)
Total Pts = 17 + 20 = (3
Thanks Mr Levy after 7 years you finally did it.

Anonymous said...

new to this site. just read your blurb on the right hand side. what a load of absolute rubbish.

as much as i think levy has made mistakes - name me a chairman who hasn't.

bottom line is levy is a fan and cares about the club. however he is also astute enough to realise that football is a business and has a track record of sensible decisions to safeguard our financial future.

This is why we can afford to go out and blow 15mil on dross like bentley and darren bent every other day. The profits on signings have been outstanding and other initatives like his share issue scheme a few years ago have been been very beneficial for the PLC. (by the way, how can you say you don't support the PLC? There would be no spurs without the plc)

Levy has to take some accountability for our current situation but so do the managers (namely ramos/redknapp) who can't get the best out of what is essentially a good squad.

One more thing, wouldn't it be more of a statement if you burnt your season ticket while it actually had some value - not at the end of the season? Wish I'd have seen you last season after the liverpool game standing there like an absolute plum burning your season ticket. Given that you'd already paid the club (and levy) your money, and attended all the games, I'm sure Levy was really gutted at you burning a plastic wallet!!

Really enjoyed looking round your site. Thanks.

Ghost of John White said...

You need to read his 'letters'. I think you might 'get' the joke once you've done that.

Spooky is a little schizophrenic.

Oracle said...

Sarcasm and satire. Tough crowd.

And the Anon who posted the predicted scores. Cheers! No chance of sleep now.

spooky said...

I'll update the blurb. It's obviously not strong enough in content.

micky_yid said...

blurb on the side...
'I'm also the founder of the The Association of Real Spurs Enforcers Neutralising Anarchist Levy'???

guys c'mon! A R S E N A L...

it doesn't take a degree in doing the times crossword to work out anagrams now does it?

Yiddogray said...

What are the chances of losing the Newsnow link...

spooky said...

Was up?

Harry Hotspur said...

"Yiddogray said...
What are the chances of losing the Newsnow link..."

Why Yiddogray? Just use the moniker Parasitic Wankstain.

You are a fucking nomark cunt trying to upset someone who provides something for you to read for free.


Fuck off.

Pick on me.

You know who I am, so fucking come and pick on me.

Hahahahhahahahahhahaha and you can't.

You're a cunt.

spooky said...

I'm confused.