Thursday, 22 January 2009

Is this the reason Spurs form is so poor?

Aaron Lennon has complete control of the team stereo on match days. Nobody else gets a look in. I can only shudder at the thought of his musical tastes having seen plenty of photos of him at parties, baseball cap on back to front, dancing with an urban flavour and rude swagger.

Strictly no Chas and Dave, Barry Manilow or McNamara’s Band for our wee Aaron. He's got way too much street cred to associate himself with music that was made before he was born.

I have this image of a dressing room dance-off with Dawson breaking it down with mad floor skills as he body pops his way to victory against Zokora's mash-up of Usheresque fluidity and silky leg movements. Beats listening to ABBA.

In other news:

Ghaly is gone. I’ve always swayed from one direction to another with this guy. His attitude and arrogance was toxic, his abilities mediocre. He had one or two fine performances, but other than the game away to Chelsea in the Cup and the pitch-side dentistry that made you gasp he wasn’t exactly consistent. Shirt throwing aside, the Birmingham transfer fiasco summed up his tenure as a Premiership player. In his head, he was brilliant. Maybe if he was signed when he was in his early 20’s, we might have developed him into a worthy squad player (then again, us and developing don’t particularly go hand in hand).

The swaying I was referring to concerns some comments I made a few weeks back relating to the boo-boys who managed to change the mind of Redknapp during a game, sending Ghaly back to the subs bench rather than bringing him on. He’s been working his socks off in the reserves, so it’s possible he has managed to grow a little in maturity. We’ll never know. Al Nasr have him now on a 3-year contract. Maybe the fact he has moved there and not to any other continental top flight league sums up what most think of him.

The club has also announced that the price of season tickets will be frozen for up to two years (long enough for relegation and promotion back up to the Prem, hey Daniel?). So, that includes the reduction of VAT at 15% for seasons 2010 and 2011 meaning you’ll pay less for it than you did this season. Levy must be finally shifting those copies of the Opus he’s got stacked up in his garage. Don’t under estimate the power of car boot sales.

The freeze on season tickets has been introduced as a thank you from the club for our ‘continued and exceptional loyalty’ and to help ease the financial burden that nobody appears to be immune from at the moment. Looks like I have no choice but to continue my suffering.


Anonymous said...

I've seen Aaron in Loughton and Buckhurst Hill. Not exactly the subtle type.

Anonymous said...

Ghaly got a rough ride at spurs. i was at the away game at pompy when he got 4 teeth kicked out his head.. he went off for 4 mins before returning to action. how many of our players would show that commitment and desire?? robbie kean also threw his spurs shirt in frustration once.. we got over that fairly quickly!

Anonymous said...

Thats the thing, would we have treated a first teamer in the same way that we did Ghaly? Nope. I think sometimes we are our own worst enemies. Fair enough, he might not be the best player but I honestly believed he could bring something to the side. Oh well, never know for sure now.

Oops said...

Don't think he would have made that great an impact. I'm more concerned about whether Harry rates Gio and if Adel will get more games.

Anonymous said...

Well it looks like Harry will get to have a good look at Gio and probably Adel again on Saturday.

If he sticks to his promise of giving the players that did not take part last night a chance on Saturday, against manure!

Paxton Yid said...

Either we will get thrashed or fluke a 1-0 win.

It's not gonna be latter, is it?

vic said...

Got to say I'm shocked at how lightly you've let them off with this season ticket price freeze farce. You of all people.

*shakes head in a disappointed manner*

spooky said...

Reading back on it, I'm actually blushing.

'I have no choice but to continue my suffering'

Did someone hack my account???!!!

I'll have to follow this up with a proper rant over the weekend.