Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hughes 1 Harry 0

The Times are apparently reporting that Man City will pull out of the deal for Palacios if Spurs end their interest in Craig Bellamy. Basically, we've both bid for the West Ham striker (our bid is surprisingly more according to reports this evening but West Ham do not want to do business with us). Bellamy might fancy a move to Spurs over City, so Hughes is obviously frustrated with our persistent bids distracting the player from joining him at Eastlands.

You following this? Reading between the lines, City don't actually want Palacios, but using the art of bluffing, are suggesting they could easily beat us to his signature, so if we want Wilson we have to end our interest in Bellmay.

So ridiculous, it just might be true.

Or maybe we're not really in for Bellamy. Hmm...


Anonymous said...

nah i dont believe these reports palacios is a good player i can see hughes wanting him too

filthy said...

Yeah, I agree. Bit too conspiracy theory for my liking. Hughes and City could get both players in a blink of an eye, they wouldn't need to.....well actually, if one of them did want to join Spurs then as a ploy it might just work..

Nah, I dont believe it.


Anonymous said...




You will not sign Palacios don't fool yourselves into thinking you will.

No really don't fool yourselves and don't start pretending you pulled out of the Bellamy deal so City would let you sign Palacios. That's more laughable than when Spurs fans were saying you was going to buy Diarra, a deal was already arranged the only reason he went to Portsmouth was so that you didn't buy an Arsenal player lol

Oh it gets better, here's what Harry said today;

Man City are in and when they are the others have no chance,” Redknapp said. “They just outbid and outpay. It will be difficult.

Lol you outbid City

It shows that clubs do not want to deal with a team that regularly taps up players and they also don't want to sell to relegation fodder as it raises the chances they'll beat the drop no matter how much they outbid the richest club in the world by.

Also why would Bellamy and Palacios want to play with greats like the £18 million Bent on his 85k pw and the goal machine Pavylechenko especially for a team that is going down.

Theo Walcotts Left Nut said...

I don't think the author is suggesting its true. He's referring to a broadsheet story and subtly taking the piss about it.

I agree, Palacios would fancy a move to City over Spurs probably to line-up with Kaka. Who wouldn't want that pleasure. But dont kid yourself lad, Kaka wouldnt even so much as fart in the direction of Manchester if it wasn't for the newly found wealth. At least Chelsea were a team IN the Champs League and on the up when they got their financial upgrade.

As for tapping up. You mean tapping up as in what every single manager and team do all the time, all over the world? That type of tapping up?

For the record. I'm an Arsenal fan. We don't tap up. We just nick kids before they sign pro-contracts.

spooky said...

For the record, I hope Bellamy goes to City. I really really really do.


Oracle said...

Everyone is picking up on this now. Although I guess it's a case of Chinese whispers for the papers.

Joe J said...

As a West Ham supporter and after the watching the game today at the Boleyn ground i can assure you a majority of fans wouldnt give a toss if Bellamy went to either Spurs or City as long as they pay the asking price of 15m, or he could just finish his season in the West ham reserves now which is where he now belongs.

spooky said...

Really don't want him here chief. Just never really liked the bloke. Far too angry for my tastes.

Blue All Over said...

The Sun is now running with the story that Spurs have won the battle to sign Wilson. Good bit of business if they do.