Monday, 19 January 2009

Harry doesn't rate you, or you.....or you

Harry Redknapp, the undeniable high priest of man-management and media handling. Right?


Our 'arry is at it again. When things don't go quite right, he always seems to deflect attention onto someone else. He does so in a manner that doesn't allow much room for any fingers to be pointed in his direction. Not that Darren Bent was blameless on Sunday against Pompey. He missed a sitter. A nailed on back of the net winning goal. We all saw it. Everyone at the game and everyone watching it at home. So is there really a need for a manager to further highlight this as emphatically as our 'arry has done? I can almost imagine Bent getting a pie in his face after returning to the dressing room at full time.

Maybe a simple 'It happens sometimes, he'll bounce back' would have sufficed instead of the 'unbelievable' description he tagged the miss with. We all know it was bad, we don't need additional commentary on it, and neither does Darren Bent.

I'm sure 'arry was critical of Match of the Day 2 host Adrian Chiles a while back concerning the coverage of Gomes on the programme. Chiles would highlight 'mistakes' made by Gomes every week, regardless if the Brazilian retained a clean sheet or played well. Redknapp wasn't best pleased.

And our 'arry has followed up his public criticism of Bent by having a dig at Cesar Sanchez, our reserve goalkeeper who is subject to various 'Does he actually exist?' forum discussions. 'arry doesn't rate him and has made this clear to all but stating that he is looking for someone who is good enough for first team football.

He refers to him as the 'Spanish goalkeeper'.

Well in there Mr Redknapp. No need to stop with Cesar (that's his name 'arry....C E S A R). Any plans on outing Gareth Bale and David Bentley as both being completely out of form and lacking in assured belief and confidence? Maybe you could phone up Sky Sports News and tell them you think both players are complete pants and you'd even consider playing Joe Jordan as an alternative you're that frustrated.

Unbelievable, no?


As much as I've personally been critical of the effort and urgency of some of our players, draining further confidence from players who have very little is not the right thing to do in public.


Anonymous said...

I think that criticizing Bentley for yesterday is madness he did very well and really 'got stuck in' he also delivered good crosses for once i predict a turn in his form.

Anonymous said...

Bentley did well when he came on. He was much improved from recent displays.

Bent..... he's not a tottenham player. He shows absoloutely no willingness to get involved in any build up play and seems content to be a passenger. He was atrocious. I've tried my best to stick up for him over the course of this season but we've got to face up to the fact that he's utter rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Bent's miss was terrible, blooper dvd sort of level - what else could Redknapp say?

South Stand Pint said...

He's rubbish. Spooky know's he's rubbish. He won't stop banging on about how rubbish he is.

I agree though, HR shouldn't be so damning and selective in the press.

Anonymous said...

re 1330
I think you're confusing Bent (who was criticized yesterday for missing a sitter) and Bentley (who played well and received no criticism).
Not sure about this article - a rocket up the bum may do the trick...then again, could drain his confidence further. We'll see which over the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

dont you think that by saying these things, hes deflecting attention away from what was a shocking miss onto himself and taking media pressure away from the player, who would have been but is now not being slated by the media as harry is such as in your article ?

Anonymous said...

The author of this is simple minded and does not look any further than the present time.
Look at bents history with spurs and he is consistant at a poor strike/goal or strike/on target ratio.

Bentley has not shown value for money yet. I have never rated him highly but I do feel we can see more than we have if he took Lennon out.

Harry is right, his presidessor failed with this crop of players, I didn't expect harry to honestly do much better. But it's been a worry that he tried for downing who is useless, and bellamy who is a cunt. Neither would be good for the team.

spooky said...

Redknapp has a way about him that sees him always bringing up names or individuals or things/incidents that have happened in the past as an excuse.

Like the way he referred to Spurs as 'them' a week or so back. Its like he builds in excuses so that if failure occurs, he can just say, 'Well, its them lot no me'.

With Bent, he lingered on it for far too long.

It wasn't quite a Cup final.

(thats coming up soon..............STOKE at home!!)

Anonymous said...

i agree i think bent is rubish and has been since he came to us. should have sold him last jan instead of defoe. i think frazier cambell is better than bent at least he give 100% when he gets his for bentley i will agree he did play better than he has in the past but i syill think he needs to inprove more b4 getting his starting possition back. well i think spurs played very well yesterday compared to the last few but still need to improve on finishing and stopping counter attacts.well played yesterday boys keep it up and i think we will stay in the prem, come on you spurs.

spooky said...

Oh, and LOL at simple minded.

We all know Bent is next to useless. Never understood why he was purchased in the first place. You dont buy a player not suited for a system (at the time, where did he actually fit into our style of play?).

My point, as subtle and lost as it appears to be is that he just uses way too many words when less are needed.

I see a point in deflecting media attention away from Bent, but come on. Bent wont escape it.

Anyone know what Bruce said of Zakis miss the other day?

West Stand Bagel said...

Wow. Spooky, that article was a little reserved for you. You worried that NewsNow won't publish your stuff if you REALLY told us how you felt?


Anonymous said...

There are two ways to mess up a goal scoring opportunity, one is to hit it at the keeper, the other is to hit it wide of the goal. The latter tends to create much more antipathy towards the striker as it misses the target completely but they're both bad shots. Other players had good chances in front of goal and pretty much passed it to James; Lennon at least twice and defoe at least once to name but two. Bent, for all the slagging he gets is still our top scorer and that's in spite of not participating in all games. Before we sold Defoe we complained that he needed 15 chances to score 1, also that he was too frequently caught off-side, both of which were undoubtedly true yet we pay several million to bring him back with open arms. Bent is low on confidence and Harry doesn't appear to be supporting him through a tough period very well.
I see little difference between Bent & Defoe except that Bent has scored 2 more in total this season. I hope his skin is thicker than Harry's brogue and that he hits form again soon. Go on Benty.

spooky said...

Bent is a confidence player with no confidence and a player bought by a club with too much money and too little sense when he was simply not needed.

We don't make it easy on ourselves.

Kelfer said...

Harry hiding behind Bent's misfortune? Hell Yes. We've struggled to beat a few team in the past month, bad players aside - what about Harrys tactics and selection?