Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Defoe recalled from loan

£15M collection fee. Medical is all that's left to make sure our goods have not been damaged during the rehabilitation period spent by the sea-side.

Brilliant signing. JD can play deep, hold up the ball and help out the midfield when the opposition overload that part of the pitch. His skills at beating the offside trap and playing clever quick thinking passes in and around the box will fill the void left by the departures of Keane and Berbatov.

Astute transfer this. Great bit of business. Chuffed.


Oracle said...

He'll score a bagful and then will lose form as he always does. Much like he did for us not too long ago and everyone was baying for his blood and happy to see him go.

Limited player for a limited team.

I sound like Spooky :)

Lilywhite Yank said...

I'm glad to have him back, but this is for twice what we got for him not but a year ago. I guess we won't have to actually pay that much, on account of the debts from portsmouth- but if that is being taken into account then we are getting screwed financially here.

Ashley said...

Ignore the financial aspect of this which, as always, our board have screwed up royally.

Is Jermain Defoe going to improve our chances of winning games? Yes.

Will he score more goals in the remainine 18 games of the season than our entire strikeforce has managed thus far? Probably.

So he's not the most intelligent of strikers, and he's never going to replace Berbatov or even Keane, but as a foil for Pav or possibly Bent, we'd be hard pushed to find a better option for the short-term.

I tended to side more with Two-Face than Harvey Dent, but on this one I think Harvey's got it spot on.

ecce nicholas said...


I love this weblog - it;s well written and makes me giggle.

However, I am having trouble from time to time keeping up with whether you're being sarcastic or not.

Could you please make it a little clearer! Thanks.