Wednesday, 17 December 2008

With and without

Stat of the year right here for you.

When King plays for Spurs our chances of winning increase massively. In the past four seasons we've won at least 50% of all the Prem League games he has featured in. This season our average is 0.89 condeded compared to 1.86 when he's missing. We havent won in the league without him.

Break down of the figures over the past few seasons:

2008/09 - 56% with King / 0% without King
2007/08 - 50% with King / 26% withouth King
2006/07 - 52% with King / 35% without King
2005/06 - 50% with King / 42% withouth King

Damn that dodgy knee.


Toxic said...

Has Ledley been to see Dr. Steadman in Colorado and if not why not. The guy's resurrected loads of careers.

PAX said...

So if he played 100% of the time does that mean we'd hardly lose? So its Kings fault were mostly average or worse? Ledley OUT!