Monday, 29 December 2008

Who's it gonna be?

Thanks to Wriggly over at Glory I've pinched this rather convenient list from one of the threads over there. A round-up of current transfer targets.

Arshavin - According to a few sources and the fact that Lachter has already met up with Harry in London, this deal is far from being dead.

Upson - Interest is there

Downing - If rumours are to be believed, we have met Boro's £15m valuation

Defoe - We wont be buying, and Harry has said Portsmouth have received a huge bid for him already which is more than what we can afford.

Bellamy - One bid rejected, were going back for another go.

Capel - His name has been thrown in if we cant get Downing

Pedersen - Same as Capel

Bullard - £4m is the price going around, Harry has said we wont be buying, but I'm not so sure.

Hunt - Boy is this a weird one, according to Setanta were interested.

Foster - Setanta and other sources say were in for him and one wacky rumour is that we have already offered him £20k a week

Cavenaghi - Just speculation and rumours at the moment

Can you spot the defensive midfielder? Can you?

Might want to add Bobby Zamora to that list too, if Harrys post-match comments are an indication of his transfer targets.


filthy said...

I'll have ten quid, each way, on Downing and Bullard.

West Stand Bagel said...

Downing would do. Defoe also but doubtful. I think heartbreak will be in abundance this January.