Monday, 1 December 2008

Stephen Carr

Has retired.

I'm now waiting on the DVD of his career (scheduled for a pre-Christmas release), which will apparently include a special documentary on 'that goal' he scored against Manchester United for Spurs. Obviously, the Blue-Ray version will be the definitive collectors item and will include a holographic cover (look straight at it and he's wearing the Irish shirt, to the left its Spurs and to the right its Newcastle.



Tidy Tim said...

Carr was a jinx. When he played we finished lower down the table and the moment he joined Newcastle they began to plummet, So badly they finished below us. Had potential, was amazing going forward. I'll give him this much, he stayed with us when he could have left not that it did him any good. Injuries took their toll. Doubt many Spurs fans will forgive and forget some of the things he said about us after joining Newcastle.

paxton yid said...

Retired? Not even a non-league offer for Stevie?

the machine said...

I'm waiting on the special edition which includes a featurette on 'that chip against Sunderland'.

We've Turned the Corner said...

Tidy Tim. You got it wrong. It was Spurs and Newcastle who jinxed Carr. Makes more sense that way round.