Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Rod Liddle

What a great article. A far more general view of the state of modern day football and chanting at games than I could offer (as I don't tend to move outside the boundaries of all things Spurs). The argument over 'yid / yiddo' has always been a tricky one, but I guess we are not too far off from a future where this will be deemed an arrestable offence. Like Liddle says, it will end up with an almost empty ground if the authorities arrested one, they have to arrest all .

So, who's going to define what's right and wrong? It's always been socially acceptable within the realms of a football ground for some below the belt banter. Not anymore. I expect the comedy clubs to be hit next with SWAT teams and CS gas. Zero tolerance. Michael McIntyre, you have been pre-warned.


Oracle said...

I'm sure the club a number of years back had an awareness campaign on the use of the word Yid being used. Not sure what type of impact it had but it's interesting that within football, a group of Spurs fans can chant 'Yiddos Yiddos' and no one (police, stewards) will bat an eyelid, but if an opposing fan calls a Spurs fan a f*cking yid then they get thrown out.

All to do with intent. Doubt anyone will stop us from chanting what we chant as its always served a purpose. Although it's never stopped opposing fans from making other remarks.

It is great though when you get a bunch of Spurs fans singing Yids with a smile on their face in front of Chelsea fans who always seem to be angry and upset that we dare use a word that they deem to be derogatory in their favour. Like taking the bullets from their gun.

G.H. Stevens said...

Liddle, man of the people. Erm NO. If that was written by someone else then I'd nod in agreement with most of it but he's jumped up middle class tosspot who is trying to connect with 'the people'.