Thursday, 11 December 2008

Britians Most Wanted

The current UK's Most Wanted list from Crimestoppers:

  • Rape
  • Indecent chanting
  • Cocaine supply
  • Robbery
  • Assault

For your information:

Who chooses the appeals on the site?

Police forces across the UK are responsible for the appeals on the site. They choose who goes on Most Wanted and who does not. The nature of the crime or the investigation will have an influence on whether an appeal is put on Most Wanted. The police are also responsible for the accuracy of the appeal information provided and removing appeals.

Staggering stuff.


Looks like the Tottenham 16 have been removed from the Most Wanted list.


Iron Man said...

That's unbelievable! Bit of perspective please.

Grimbo the Gimpo said...

Couple of them have already been bailed. If they don't get charged they should sue. Having your faces plastered all over the shop for chanting that may or may not be racist or homophobic is heavy going considering the implications it has on your job/family etc.

Doubt many will disagree that if you are guilty of it and there's proof then tough shit on you. But this is turning into a witch hunt and is completely unnecessary.

As for Portsmouth, I'm sure that town has a big BNP following. What a dizzy motherf*cker of a world we live in.

Trev the Red said...

Spooky - would you be complaining if this was aimed at another set of fans? For example Chelsea, who you obviously have a lot of time and affection for. If this was a case of anti-Semitic chants aimed at Spurs players or fans I guess you'd be happy for Chelsea mugshots to be in that Most Wanted list.

Anonymous said...

Noone should have their mugshots plastered anywhere for chanting. It's absolutely ludicrous what has happened to these lads, no matter what team they support. What's chanted at games stays in games, it shouldn't go as far as it has done here.

Yiddogray said...

As these people have been asked to come in for questioning due to chanting that has upset a section of home fans, has this not opened the gates for every club in the country to complain to the police???

When the obvious hissings and anti-semetic stuff happens this weekend, should we all complain to the police?

Dazed and Yidfused said...

There are now only 7 left to be questioned.

We need to keep an eye on how many of the 16 get charged.

Bryony said...
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Slick Rick said...

Trev the Red - That's the point isn't it? Over the years we've been subjected to some vile stuff but its been dealt with the usual way. Nowadays its not as common place and the police/clubs/stewards tend to do what we would expect and thats evict people out of the ground/arrest them/ban them.

Chelsea are big on this, which is great. Obviously depending on where you are in the country, it will vary. I've lost count of the amount of times I've been in a coach/car up North and seen locals make monkey noises and grunts at us 'Londoners' (not everywhere, just certain isoloated places).

Obviously, this whole Sol Campbell business is getting a ton of publicity because its been deemed that he is being singled out and abused. Which means that the police take more seriously (for PR/PC reasons) indecent chanting aimed at one individual rather than indecent chanting aimed at a group of people, but hurtful to millions.

What next? 'Does she take it up the arse?' aimed at Cole about Tweedy deemed as indecent?

'Let him die, let him die, let him die' deemed as indecent?

Utd and Liverpool fans arrested and banned for singing songs about the Munich and the 96?

North Bank in my Heart said...

The HIV line might not be homophobic (straight people get HIV too - and if Sol Campbell is complaining about it as a homophobic dig, then what's he indirectly admitting too?) but its distasteful to all the men and women who have died from AIDS.

I don't think these 16 are going to be charged over this song because its difficult to prove beyond doubt whether its racist or not.

Its the other songs that were sang at the game which mention 'black' and 'crack' that the police will have better luck with processing the 'guilty'.