Thursday, 18 December 2008

Andrei Arshavin was in London

Zenit give him the all clear to begin talks with an unamed Premiership club. Andrei and his agent (Dennis Lachter) have both refused to name the club in question.

Arsenal can't afford him, right? So it has to be Chelsea or us. And the only chance of it being us is if the club are bluffing about not having any money available for the January window.

Can we really afford to spend £20M on a forward when we need a DM and CB?

Groundhog day.

Let's hope Chelsea bid £30M.

Oh, hold up. I forgot about Manchester City. Done and dusted. Zenit will 'ave him for £40M+.


paranoid android said...

Got to be City or Chelsea. Fact he was wondering around London, with City abroad suggests its Chelsea.

Oracle said...

No chance its us. We do need a striker though. With Pompeys decimation imminent, I'd have Defoe back. But that wont solve our problem with the lack of "holding up the ball" we suffer from when playing 451. Pav can't do it. Bent can't do it. It's all a bit too one dimensional and don't see Levy splashing so much considering the problems we have with Bentley and to a lesser degree Pav.

Yiddogray said...

As long as we don't go off and get another Rasiak last minute ... Shefki Kuqi anyone!

Oracle said...

It's Chelsea. Russian media is also reporting/confirming this.