Thursday, 13 November 2008

White Hart Ashburton

Another Levy bombshell. Good or bad depending on whether you wish to get excited at this desperately early stage. How can a new ground possibly be bad I hear you ask? Make it into a replica of every new type of English stadium, soulless and detached. From the illustrations, its looking like a dome. Spurs are hosting some exhibitions as part of the consultation period. So locals and fans will be able to have a say. Although I doubt we could get them to change the design of the ground to something more practical, like this:

Now that's a proper football ground. But then the Germans know how to do football efficiently (booze, cheap season tickets, cracking atmospheres).

Click here for a press release (via the Hornsey Journal) that covers off the current plans for re-development.

And here's the first look at the prospective design and how we plan to shift away from White Hart Lane forever, and into the Virgin Media Dome, or whatever the fuck we plan to call it:

For the full technocolor pdf click on this link:



Shelf Side Warrior said...

Any Spurs fan getting their knickers in a twist should calm it. It's going to be a while before anything is approved and finalised. Doubt the design will change much but a basic overhead drawing isn't going to tell us much of anything.

Also think the whole development looks a tad messy. I can see this evolving quite a bit.

grim down south said...

Personally, looks good. Using imagination and stuff.

diaz said...

2015 at the earliest. Mark my words.

We can't even fill up 36k every game. Last year against PSV = spare seats, Sevilla two years ago = spare seats.
Last night Spare Seats!

This is a nice PR exercise by Mr Levy, but that's all.

This stadium being built within 5 years is as likely as winning the lottery just hours after you bump into Keeley Hazell, who luck would have it takes an instant "liking" to you, and eagerly confesses she has always wanted to do it with a stranger.

Never going to happen.

spooky said...

Just seen the video on the Spurs side. He's apparently asked the architects to design an iconic stadium with atmosphere and take the Spurs fans needs into account.

Benefit of the doubt allowed until we see the first proper drafts.

oops said...

They are designing our training ground too.

Kings Dodgy Knee said...

I dont personally think it will look anything like the openness (sic!) of the Emirates. Fancy it to be more closed roofed and more traditional inside, even with its dome'ish' design.

This will be good for us people. Believe in Levy!