Saturday, 1 November 2008

The names Bond. Kevin Bond

New assistant, haven't said welcome yet. So, welcome Kevin Bond.

But the announcement that Sherwood is on his way (part-time) in a capacity that he doesn't even know yet, is some what worrying. I've given my reasons on this already in a previous blog. The bloke has spent his time (since leaving Spurs as a player) slagging us off and churning out anti-Spurs bullshit on that bullshit radio station. Yet another prime example of how fickle and two-faced people in the game are.

He's a shit pundit so hopefully Harry is just after someone to wash the players boots.


oops said...

Sherwood is dick. But in Harry we trust....right?

e-yid said...

Has this been confirmed by the club yet? Wouldn't mind Sir Les back at Spurs. Proper yid, he'll do well to instil some pride. Sherwood is not someone I find pleasant in the slightest.