Friday, 7 November 2008

The magic of tomato ketchup

Harry re-introduces it to the canteen and we go from scoring 12 goals in 12 games to notching up 12 in just 4. And if that doesn't prove the genius that is Redknapp, then asking Roman Pavlyuchenko, via his translator, to just 'Fucking runabout' (which resulted eventually in a last gasp goal against Liverpool) must surely deserve a sing-a-along.

All we need now is the re-introduction of a little mayo, and we'll be climbing that table in no time.



Anonymous said...

Spooky Sir, your blog is a triumph. Lets have a proper Spurs book from you now. There's massive gap in the market for an 'intelligent' Spurs book.

Johnny in Cheshunt.

spooky said...

Hmm. I detect sarcasm.

I'll send you a signed copy of the special edition which will include a pop-up picture of me pissing on a Levy effigy.

All in good taste.

Yiddogray said...

Why don't we have more songs for players???

All we ever shout at Hudd is "Shoot"!

Spooky, I demand you start a chant at the Blackburn game for Pav. The "Fucking runabout" line needs a mention too...

the machine said...

Need a win at City. Bolton, Wigan and Fulham might all pick up three points which would delay a bottom3 escape job this weekend. The faster we are out of there the better.

pedantic said...

Our honeymoon with Harry will end tomorrow with colorful vomit on our dress (too many Cosmos - they tasted good on the way down, don't judge). Gomes to flap, Huddlestone to sprout roots that render him further immobile, Jenas to fuck up our chemistry, Zokora to one-up Cantona with two-footed karate kick into the stands (but witty post-match comments lost in indecipherable garble).