Monday, 3 November 2008

LOL @ the Premiership

Spurs. Worst start to a season in our history (at least Since the Titanic Sank©) and still bottom yet the Premiership finds itself with 14 clubs separated by a mere 6 points - 6 points from 7th place having just won 2 games all season.

Fans/the media alike have been citing us and Newcastle amongst one or two others as being in a dogfight, but if you take a quick gander, anyone who lacks form over the next 6 games will plummet. And it may well be the case that come Christmas, there maybe several clubs swapping places at the bottom faster than you can say 'three points' with no apparent certainty who might go down.

It's a bit zany, innit?


oracle said...

Champions League it is then!

The spiral said...

If we get through the next 4 games with a decent tally, we'll be laughing at all the relegation talk. A bad loss and we might have more work to be done than expected.

City blow hot and cold. Hard to predict that one.