Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Darn it

An MRI scan has revealed that our lickle creative spark, Luka Modric, has suffered a partially torn groin muscle which means he will be sidelined for around two weeks. That's two weeks too long. Just as he's starting to settle in the Prem and linking up with the Bent, our luck takes a turn for the worse. Hate to think who will be the playmaker in our side now.


Blackburn and Everton at home are two must-wins. Both at home, both imperative to once more climbing out of the bottom three (which is more or a psychological bottom three rather than an impossible to get out of mathematical one). But in 4-5 weeks time, any team sitting there will have to press the panic button and start praying for a change of form.

We beat the Liverpool reserves with some ease and looked great in possession and going forward, so maybe the doom and gloom of losing Modric isn't that dramatic after all.

Play with confidence, drive and urgency and it should.....should be three points.



Anonymous said...

Step up Frazier Campbell.

Looked very lively against the bin-dippers and has hit a nice little scoring patch what with his goals against Fulham and Czech U-21. His youthful running could provide a much needed link between the midfield and whichever tap-in merchant we have up front.

Throw into the mix Thudd continuing to do his impression of a box-to-box midfielder and Bentley and Lennon legging it up and down the wings and we should do ok.

oops said...

We cant rely on the one player. But it is worrying that a club like us who pride themselves on flair creative players, lack anyone of obvious selection when we lose Modric.

I.m certain we'll do just fine with 2 up front. I can see Bent/Pav/Campbell (any two from the three) giving Rovers and Everton a few problems.

Tracker said...

Losing Modric wont be the end of the world. Others in the team need to step up. Cant stick all our eggs into this particular Croatian basket.