Friday, 3 October 2008

Rotation, rotation, rotation...

So Ramos is defending his rotation policy, which currently involved changing the team around practically every game. If you were not worried about the Hull game, then take this into account:

"I cannot understand why I am always being asked about this. We are playing in three competitions - the league, the Carling Cup and the Uefa Cup - and it is necessary to change some players.

"It is impossible to play the same team in every game.

"Now we have a game against Hull in just three days and I will have to make some changes again. Ledley King will need a rest and I may also have to leave out Jonathan Woodgate as well.

"The Premier League is different and we need to improve on where we are in the table, but I hope for the best against Hull at White Hart Lane. I want the best performance from the team.

"Little by little, match to match, we need to improve."

Riiiight. Woodgate and King 'rested' for Sunday? King, on form, should just be dropped. He looks Dawsonesque at the moment. Time to retire the Rolls Royce? We can't go on like this, and Ledley probably knows he can't either.

As for rotation, you can do so, but play the strongest line-up for the games that matter the most: The Premiership. The team has to stay settled, otherwise this 'little by little' improvement we seek will not happen. We haven't improved, at all in recent weeks. And none of this inspires confidence.

Can only hope this is just some pre-match propaganda - and both play.


jep said...

Hey Spooky, your updates emails from this blog dont display correctly (just some of the characters). Not sure if its my mail client.

Any ways, I agree re King. He is a shadow of his former self. Has gradually got worse over the years, yet still remained our best defender and can still produce the odd performance but he looks run-down and beat up at the minute. Crying crying shame.

Add a CB to the DM 'must have' list.

Shelf Side Warrior said...

King is knackered. Its tragic but an injection per game is not the ideal way to live your life as a footballer out on the pitch.

Stop prolonging the agony. Please.

I'd love to believe the positive stuff the club and Ledders talk about regarding his injury problems but I just can't find myself believing it.

Think this might be his final season.

Oracle said...

We need to match Hull's commitment (how ironic is that?)otherwise they will bully us and boss the midfield.