Tuesday, 28 October 2008

'Out of office'

Won't be back online till Friday due to travel and lack of internet connection.

Apart from the NLD / Challenge Spurs™ update and Liverpool preview - I'm sure there'll be plenty of transfer rumours to scoff at.

Enjoy your mid-week.


Anonymous said...

not heard from you for a while.....im gonna email you

shanemac said...

there's not an ice cube's chance in hell we're holding on to Modric past next summer.

pedantic said...

I think we need a commentary from Spooky about this "we're not spending in January" mularkey from Levy.

According to the financial statement recently released, our net loss in the transfer market over the last year has only been 5 million. You don't sell the most effective strike partnership in the league then admit you cocked up bringing in proper replacements by getting two strikers under the age of 20 and another one who's already played 5 months of football, fire the DoF who's responsible for the mistakes, hire a new manager who's admitted there are gaps needed to be filled in the lineup and expect not to spend in January.