Monday, 27 October 2008

My first anti-Redknapp rant

Tim fucking Sherwood? Please, for all that's good for the club, do not appoint this idiot in any coaching capacity. Speaking on Five Live, he stated:

"If there's one club I'd want to work for it would be Tottenham"

Is this the same Tottenham you spend most days slagging off on radio and tv? Redknapp, don't be a mug 5 seconds into your Spurs reign.

If Sherwood joins Spurs in a coaching capacity, I promise you all, Levy will wake up in bed to find Chirpys head by the side of him.


NYid said...

This is what worries me about Harry. Sherwood is mates with Jamie Redknapp, and that's it. The bloke has no coaching badges, has no tactical knowledge, is a shit pundit and has been bitter towards Spurs since he was ditched from the club. Few Spurs fans like him. No Spurs fan likes him. Absolute bollocks this.

danny likes blanchflower said...

Sherwood can take a running jump. Slag of the highest order. Sick of the shit he chats on talk sport and setanta. 3rd grade pundit.