Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Judas II

So the police will investigate. Are they planning on opening up investigations on every club in the country? Surely if you're going to crack down on one set of fans, then all should be under the beady eye of the authorities? Unless of course....oh yeah, Campbell is the only player making a complaint.

I'm waiting on Ashley Cole complaining to the F.A. about Arsenals 'Ten men went to bed with him' chant.

I'm wonder if 'Sol' is also going to dispute that he is not a 'wanker' and should not be called one, because the Spurs fans clearly yelled that at him when he came up for a corner.

It's the 'racial' element of this complaint that is causing so much discussion. Its to do with the hanging reference in the song. It's not a reference about lynching. 'Hanging from a tree' might have that connotation in the US, but this song is about the mental health of Campbell. It's a nasty crude song for sure. Not defending it at all - as stated in my initial blog about this ugly mess.

If those fans didn't sing it, then people would not misinterpret it.

Campbell should man up and just ignore it. Spurs fan's should sing about Ledley and Woodgate.

And they all lived happily ever after.


66 and all that said...

Dont you lot cry 'RACISM' when other clubs make hissing sounds and other anti-semitic chants?

Pot kettle.

Yeah thought so said...

That's not racist, that's anti-semitic.

And what that has to do with Campbell complaining about racism when there clearly is none, I have no idea. Half our team and fans are black, why would we chant racist songs? He has a case about homophobic chants, but the mere fact he's taking offence to them should tell you everything you need to know.

Diaz said...

Us lot?

I cannot speak for the other 36'000at WHL, but I can represent myself and I don't agree with any racist chanting.

If because I am a football supporter who attends football matches it automatically means I have to agree with all the chants that I hear, then maybe we should all forget about the kick racism out of football campaign.

You agree it is right to sing about the Holocaust? Call it banter? That all people are the same, that everybody at WHL feels the same way?


spooky said...

'66' let me guess. West Ham fan?

BigBang said...

I think some of your fans are world class idiots for continuing to sing this. Its a vile song, humourless and abusive.

I get what u are saying about Campbell but he doesn't deserve this type of constant abuse.

Judas, wanker, thats part and parcel. Songs about suicide and AIDS are not.

Chris A said...

If this is sang at a home game, then all the police need to do is isolate one of the people who are leading the chorus, and remove them. Take their season ticket away. Others will think twice about it in future.

spooky said...

In case someone jumps on my 'not racist' comments in the blogs. Let me make clear again, its not sang with racist intent.

The song is about Campbell's mental health problems after his Arsenal half-time disappearing act. I can clearly see why it can be mis-interpreted, but the main crux of the problem is not just the bitter Spurs fans who just wont forget - its Campbell, who genuinely, doesn't think he deserves abuse for his lies and his walk down the Seven Sisters.

Not the first time he has called us racist. Last time he stated this was either the first or second appearance he made for Arsenal at WHL. No lunacy song back then. Just abuse, the type any player gets in similar circumstances.

The homophobic stuff is also humourless.

oracle said...

Did the biblical Judas hang himself? From a tree?

/scratches chin, deep in thought

paxton yid said...

Is it me or are the media concentrating on the racist complaint more so?