Friday, 31 October 2008

Challenge Spurs™ - The Return of Robbie Keane

Game 03 v (H) Liverpool
Total points: 6
Position: Still 20th
3 points from safety

Should be a cracker. I hope. Liverpool top, us lot bottom. Liverpool unbeaten in 17, us unbeaten in 2. Won't be crying if we lose, as long as the progression continues. Another tasty first half performance followed by an even tastier second half will do just fine, and another point will have an extension on the time I'll be keeping the smile on my face.

Modric, may he continue his free-role swagger. And may resident schizophrenic Jenas 'smash them up'. We might even see another cameo from Ledley.

Looking forward to this. And seeing Robbie Keane again. Although best he doesn't get on the score sheet this weekend. I'm going to the match dressed up like a leprechaun with JUDAS printed on the back of the costume.


2-2, is my prediction. 4 points thus far from a possible 6 in the Dirty Dozen series. Not out of the woods just yet, but looking a bit alright at the minute.


oops said...

Tough game, not sure we got enough to trouble Liverpool over the course of the 90 mins. Can see them dictating the game and winning it by a couple of goals. Keane is bound to score too. Speaking to a Utd mate (desperately wants us to do the Pool obviously) who reckons Liverpool are due a defeat.

Fingers toes all crossed.

the machine said...

I agree, its going to be tough. I do like the fact our players now seem to take a chance with shoots on goal. Happened against Bolton and the other night, thought we did well to create goals from long range efforts. Hail the basics !

Yiddogray said...

All hail the curse of the commentator - "are Liverpool going to regret the wasted chances.."

Yes, yes they are...