Saturday, 11 October 2008

Bored of the Campbell

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the Sol Campbell abuse. Refs, The FA, Rio Ferdinand, the police, Peter Tatchell, Brian Reade's rant and the rest of the knee-jerking media hacks. And David Mellor, who thinks the return game at WHL should be played behind closed doors. Yeah, great idea David. Let's punish the majority for what a few hundred fans sang. Maybe we can retrospectively punish your beloved Chelsea and have them play their next 100 games behind closed doors for decades of hissing and Auschwitz songs?

Munich, Harold Shipman, Ashley Cole and mobile phones - you could spend a day listing chants that could be categorised as abusive (to the targeted individual or a group of people). But the media, police and the players who get the brunt of it shrug, count their thousands upon thousands of notes sitting in their bank accounts and the following week run out onto the pitch and do it again.

For the 1000th time, I'm not defending the song that was sang for Campbell's benefit. That same song that's been sang for a few years now without ever making the backpages. And I'm not defending Campbell, who is obviously feeling a little fragile and feels the need to once more play the victim. Has Arsene Wenger ever made any complaints about the songs aimed at him by a number of fans from different clubs? No. Because he knows the people that sang them are football fans.

What makes all of this coverage even more ridiculous, is the media who, lets face it - are a joke. Made up of Man Utd fans (don't roll your eyes), they practically called all Man City fans as scum for singing Munich songs, using their back-pages as a tool of control stating that if anyone chanted that song at the 50th Munich Commemoration when City visited Old Trafford, they would be hung, drawn and quartered - banned for life. Nothing mentioned about the fact that City are proactive and ban anyone at Eastlands for singing it. And not a whisper of the Hillsborough, Heysel and Leeds (fans killed in Turkey) songs Utd fans sing every week.

Hypocrisy at its English finest.

Cast your minds back to last year when Spurs played Utd at OT. The Utd fans (a minority of them, right?) started hissing. We've heard that before of course. Nothing new. But the day they choose to do so was on International Holocaust Memorial Day. That kind of pales Sol Campbell's crying into insignificance, but God forbid anyone writes about that.


Gary Snail said...

When he first made the 'racist' allegations it was a while back, long before the lunacy song. He claimed Spurs fans were racist for calling him a wanker/c*nt and abusing him like any 'traitor' returning to the club he played for.

Campbell is an egotistic piece of shit. Take it like a fucking man.

Devil May Care said...

Spooky (you hag ;) ) what about that Wenger chant? Sang mostly by Spurs fans right? And the Adebayor elephant washing chant. Its all a bit hypocritical when Spurs fans yell RACIST when fans call you lot yids/yiddos but happy to chant yid army at your games.

shelf side warrior said...

Your post makes no sense Devil. What's your point exactly?

mehstg said...

The threat of a ban will mean this won't be sang again. Next time, Campbell will simply get constant booing and wolf whistles and various names screamed in his direction, from far more than a minority mainly because of his bitching and crying over all this. And he still won't grasp why he is so hated.

He'll probably score though.