Saturday, 4 October 2008


Spurs v Hull

Lose this. And Spurs lose me.

At no point have we attempted to elevate our game to a respectable level. We have been consistently shit all season. Spurs need to put on a show. Reclaim some self-respect. Give something wholesome for the fans to sing.

There is simply no excuse in existence for defeat on Sunday.

Hull City. Clash of the Titans, hey? Bottomham Hotspur and three points. A marriage in limbo.

Step up. That's all we need you to do. Step up.


Ziggles said...

What a season. Is this our 3rd of 4th 'Biggest game of in our history' this year?

I'd stick Campbell up front for this one. Hate to think of the fan/media reaction if we fail to pick up the points. Reckon we will.

Spurs 3 Hull 1

Lightbulb said...

Our midfield have to work hard and create chances for the front one/two (Go on Ramos, surprise us). You'd think it was a new concept to have a midfield who run after every ball, closed down, won first balls, break with pace. Basics is all I ask for.


the machine said...

This is the game that will kick-start our season because if it isn't, then pray for a miracle.

Diaz said...

Finding the most effective midfield is going to the main problem.

We now have our own Lampard/Gerrard debate in midfield. I can't see how he can accomodate Modric and Jenas without sacrificng a forward.

The next 3 games will probably decide Ramos' fate. Hull, Stoke, Bolton. A 3 match - 18 pointer run. The biggest month in our history.