Tuesday, 23 September 2008


13 Prem appearances. 0 wins.

Bale is all smiles - but it's no laughing matter

He is jinxed. I beg the club to drop him from the side to end the curse. He's the anti-victory, personified.

Management need to drop Gareth to help Bale us out of the bottom three, and thus embrace three valuable points.

The stats do not lie.

Drop Bale to Win!


filthy said...

It's the hair-clip he wears. Its obviously evil.

Robert Devon said...

Don't play in the left-back position for a start!

Bale is a top top player but needs the development. I just hope we don't kill off all that raw talent. His defending, for a defender, is the weaker part of his game. So stick him on the left wing.

James of the North Stand said...

We are playing him left-midfield. Only Spurs sign left-backs to play in midfield.

How many years since we've had a true left winger now?

Anonymous said...

James, what are you talking about? We've had loads of left wingers in recent times. Aaron Len... oh wait. David Bentl... errr. Wayne Rou-... ehmm.

Jose Dominguez maybe? :)

Stav said...