Thursday, 17 July 2008

Won't someone please think of the children...?

The latest news:

TT, Steed and Chimbonda have all returned to the UK so they can 'complete' moves away from the Lane.

Robbie Keane transfer fee has been agreed. Personal terms and medical to follow.

Berbatov to Utd is happening, but at a slower pace.

Spurs are in talks to bring in two MAJOR signings from the same country but different clubs.

Spooky shits in a box and mails it to Levy.


azaris said...

It's all true. But I have even more astonishing ITK:

The Liverpool deep throat, elisha scott, is none other than Rafa Benitez himself.

The bold eagle flies at midnight. End transmission.

Paxton Yid said...

Add Kaboul to the list. £20M all four of them to Sunderland. That's good business and gives us plenty to add to the 'warchest'.