Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Shut the fuck up, you whiny flop-haired bitch.

Palace were furious when a Football League tribunal decided last month Spurs should make a down payment of £700,000 for the England Under-17 midfielder, one of the most highly prized talents outside the top flight.

The deal was widely publicised as being able to rise to just £1.25m but a letter from the League to a Palace supporters' group - seen by Standard Sport - confirms the final fee is likely to be far higher.

The Championship club will receive an additional £250,000 when he makes five first-team appearances for Spurs with the same amount payable when he plays 10, 20, 30 and 40 matches.

Palace will also receive £200,000 if Bostock is capped by England and 15 per cent of any profit if Spurs sell him.

If Bostock realises his potential and commands an eight-figure fee, Palace could yet comfortably realise their £5m valuation of the 16-year-old.

So Simon, what exactly is your problem?



Toxic said...

"I've already said enough about women in football"

Luton boss Mike Newell when asked what he thought about Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan

Anonymous said...

Clearly a mental imbalance brought on by a chemical reaction between too much fake tan and hair dye.
He's got some cheek asking for £5m for a 16 year old while looking like that. Ramos must've pissed himself.