Monday, 21 July 2008

Can't we just get a second hand one?

Blackburn apparently rate Bentley at £18M.

£12M is a far better estimation based on his recent form and the current transfer market. We'd probably offer that up front with an additional £4M based on achievements. The usual appearances, goals and where Spurs finish in the Prem. So £16M in total but won't matter too much because if we qualified for the Champs League, we would be rolling in it more so than usual.

Imagine the merchandise we would churn out? Christ, I can taste puke in my mouth.

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Wilson said...

Just read your last four posts, all very enjoyable, although personally I like the fact that Levy is atleast trying to stick it to the top 4, even if it's just prolonging the inevitable.

Nice one Spooky.