Monday, 12 May 2008

John Bostock



Anonymous said...

Why the heck can't we produce any youngsters of note without resorting to nicking them from Championship teams? Well, I say 'nick' but £5m plus clauses seems a tad excessive for a 15 year old.

MEHSTG said...

How many of these 'young wonderkids' have we managed to collect? Trying to work out how long we have to wait to see half of them play for the first team. I just cant seem to shake this 'Owen Price' feeling off.

shelf side warrior said...

Dean Parrett and Danny Rose are the two players I would expect Spurs to develop into first teamers. There's a number of other lads at the club, a few from abroad but there is no point in speculating until they progress into the reserve team and beyond.

Pekhart might be the first one we see make that transition.