Saturday, 23 February 2008

Que Sera

Looking forward to tomorrow. Wembley, London final. A song here and there. Would be gutted if we lost. For several reasons.

Its Chelsea.
Its silverware.
Its a ticket to the UEFA Cup proper next season.

Had someone tell me that if Chelsea are on form, then we ain't got a chance. That's a fair comment. Apart from Utd or Arsenal, who else can beat them at the top of their game? But its a [cliche]one off[/cliche], innit? The favourite doesn't always win. So all I'm asking is for Spurs to turn up. The drab, fruitless result from our last League Cup final, which saw us spurn far too many chances hasn't been forgotten. It's always disappointing when you lose a game without really forcing the issue the other way.

Berbatov, give us your swansong. And Robinson, for the love of all things Lilywhite.....make yourself big between the sticks (ooh matron). King and Woodgate at the back please. And no Chimbonda playing the opposite side he is usually accustomed too. As for the rest. Jenas, stick all your chances away. Lennon, do to them what SWP does to us.

I just hope the idiot minority keep the football factory shit to remote train stations.



Faz said...

Bloody well deserved that was :)

oracle said...


How cool was that Berbatov pen? Really chuffed we managed to get our hands on something. And to get UEFA Cup out of it makes it sweeter, even sweeter than beating the scum 2-1.

ANd woodgate!! Plays a handful of games for us and wins a Cup final!

Lets push on now, up the table and onto PSV.

shelf side warrior said...

Bloody Brilliant! LOL @ Robbie Keanes celebrations, have you ever seen anyone so happy? Less said about that Irish jig the better.

Hudd on changed the game.

Best of the Paxton said...

9 years to wait for some Cup final drinking around Liverpool St and singing on the trains then walking down Wembley Way. Cracking atmosphere inside the ground. And we shat on the blue scum.


west stand bagel said...

Drogba more or less summed up Chelsea with his diving. And that goal was WEAK. Poor defending on our part but who cares. Who cares about Zok's one on one or anything else for that matter. We had more chances on goal and looked and played like we wanted it more. Grant fucked up with his selection in a big way. 1-0 Ramos. 2-1 Spurs.

European Tour continues.

the machine said...

Chelsea are filth.

Dazza said...

Worried we would lose out after that first 45. Looked like a typical Chelsea win was on the cards. Ramos knows his stuff but it was made easy by Grants poor selection. No complaints from me.

MEHSTG said...

The idiot minority had some fun at Liverpool St.